Thursday, June 2, 2016

Must Read: I Fell In Love #ItChangedMyLife

High walls. Cold heart. Thick skin. Hard rocks. This was my life.
I felt a sharp pain striking right down my chest…it was meant to hurt less. I had been through this a thousand times; but it didn’t.

It was the pain that came from my bruises and scars.
It was the pain I felt the day I watched mother earth receive your body.
I stared with bloodshot eyes crimsoned from all the tears I had shed.
I watched in defeat as she swallowed you proudly and the sand came falling on your bed, bidding you home.
I swallowed in pain and turned away from the sight that was threatening to rip out my hurting throat.
My gaze fell upon a shining light so bright; I cursed it.
Why were the heavens so delighted to receive you?
What would I do without you, my darling wall?
My paths were going to be slippery.
I was going to believe the words I swore never to.
I was going to laugh freely without fear.
I was going to believe in me again.
I had been here before…I had loved and lost.
I couldn’t have my walls let me down by giving way now that I needed her the most.
But then she had to go away…
I had met George and it was going to be different now.
I no longer had to cry myself to sleep.
I was sure to face the world with renewed gusto.
I had a reason to feel alive once again.
Farewell, walls.
I fell in love… and it changed my life.
Tomorrow on #ItChangedMyLife
Day 3; I Lost My Phone #ItChangedMyLife by Adekunle

#ItChangedMyLife is a 30days series written by different people on Lord Josh's blog, It will run all through the month of June. 
I'm sure some of you can remember him....he wrote the series, "Gloria Will You Marry Me?"...we featured it on the blog late last year. (Click here to read all the episodes if you missed it.)
For those who read that series, you will be rest assured this will be fingers crossed :)

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