Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rolayo's Journal: "Second Chances"

Rolayo's Journal is the very interesting story of a young lady. It's a journal that showcases what she passes through- the fun times, the not-so-fun times, the temptations and the trials of her every day life. It's a journal being kept for her unborn child who she plans to call-"Kikelomo"....It's being featured on this blog occasionally on Tuesdays...or Thursdays. Just incase you missed the last journal entry you could catch up HERE

Here's the 39th journal entry...Enjoy!

Title: "Second Chances"

Dear Kike,

I remember I wrote about one of my admirers who overstepped his bounds on my first visit to his house. It turns out that his immediate sister is getting married really soon. He’s been decorating the social media with BEAUTIFUL pictures of his beloved sister and her equally handsome Boo.

Hehehe! Tweet Of The Day!


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