Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ladies, Imagine This Happened On Your Wedding Day...

Yikes! What would you do?

a. Pretend nothing happened and continue with the ceremony...after all everyone has seen it already
b. Put off your veil and try to tie it round your waist
c. Laugh it off
d. Ask boo to snap and upload on Fb..

Check Out What I Saw In My Tantalizers' Food Pack

I don't know if it's just me that has a problem with this fast food. They are the closest to my work place and as such, i have no option but to patronize them when i really need to get snacks and all that. Their customer service is cool though, but their food is not it at all. And the environment is just somehow...like it's not conducive per se. Sometimes i wonder why they are still in business.

My experience with them yesterday was funny. I had gone to buy toast bread from them and as usual, when you buy stuff they put serviette paper in your food pack

On getting to the office, i pulled out the bread to eat and i discovered that the serviette paper they kept inside had "KFC" (Kentucky Fried Chicken) stamp on it, lol. Meaning their food is so terrible that possibly a staff, went to buy from KFC and forgot to trash their serviette paper. Another staff mistakenly took it and added it to my food pack. I don't know if there is any other explanation for this though...or is Tantalizers now in partnership with KFC?

I'm not sure if other branches of Tantalizers do better in terms of food and all that. But i personally wouldn't recommend this particular branch to anyone.

In your own opinion, which fastfood in 9ja is the worst in terms of service, food quality, neatness and all that?

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