Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rolayo's Journal: 'Perception (Part 2)'

Rolayo's Journal is the very interesting story of a young lady. It's a journal that showcases what she passes through- the fun times, the not-so-fun times, the temptations and the trials of her every day life. It's a journal being kept for her unborn child who she plans to call-"Kikelomo"....It's being featured on this blog occasionally on Tuesdays. Just incase you missed the last journal entry you could catch up HERE

Here's the 35th journal entry...Enjoy!

Title: "Perception (Part 2)"

Dear Kike,

Remember my cat print fabric? It has be hidden.... Taken without my consent and put far away from my reach. And it was expensive (*tears*)- 450 naira for the singe yard that I bought. Imagine. In these economically strained times it’s a lot! (to me anyway). All of that is on the side sha.

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Everyone has an oversized opinion of themselves; it is the degree to which this opinion is oversized that is debatable and not the fact that it is. When you find that degree and you can magnify the person’s importance in your life to that degree, you will get whatever you want from that person. You just have to endure their preening while you are at it.

When I sat opposite Ochuko that evening, I saw him in a new light. There’s something that happens to you when the lovey dovey scales fall off your eyes and you truly see a person with some objectivity. Here was a guy with an overinflated opinion of his own irrestability and charm. I decided to play to that gallery. I was saying

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