Saturday, June 20, 2015

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Imagine You Got Married...But You Don't Have Enough To Rent A House....

Should people get married like this? Should you not wait to make enough money first?....Can a marriage survive like this?

Why 'Uduak' Is Trending On Twitter

Very weird story...and one-sided we can't really say if she's telling the truth. Anyway, the girl above, Uduak, a Nigerian girl leaving in Dubai, claims that a boy who goes by the name Ayotunde Oluwaseyi, is in the business of deceiving ladies. He starts by famzing the lady, then he sends fake credit card details to them, making the ladies believe that he's giving them money. Later he asks for their nude pictures and then goes about saying all sorts about them. He decided to try it on a girl named Uduak....and then the story changed, lol! Read what happened below,

Any Idea What These Women Are Trying To Say?

Protesting against high taxes?...what's the link?...i'm lost...

Epic Throwback! Check Out Onyeka Onwenu As A Young Lady

Fine woman!

Check Out The First Ladies Of 9ja

Chris Brown Shares Cute PICS Of His Baby Girl

It's funny how he totally ignores her mum...More photos below

In The Name Of Fashion: 17-Year Old Kylie Jenner

"I Never Imagined My 3 Friends Could Gang Rape Me"-19-Year Old Victim

Three friends in the Iju area of Lagos, 25-year old Habeeb Adisa, 25-year old Kehinde Aderinoye  and 27-year old Ilyas Ogundimu  have raped one of their female neighbours, a young woman,who is their close friend in the neighbourhood.

The victim, 19-year-old Adenike (not real name), a hair stylist, volunteered to speak with Saturday PUNCH, saying she summoned the courage to speak about her ordeal because she did not want them to go free and do the same to someone else.

Narrating how she was violated by the three men whom she trusted most in their neighbourhood, Adenike said that not once did she suspect within the two years she knew them that they had such a heinous plan for her.

Calmly, but with a lot of anger and pain showing in her eyes, Adenike said, 
“I became friends with them as neighbours two years ago when my mother first rented an apartment in the area. 
“Kehinde began to make advances to me. But I told him we were friends and did not want to be in a relationship with him. I have always rejected his advances. 
“Later he would tell Habeeb and Ilyas to approach me to appeal on his behalf to accept his proposal, but I made them to understand that I could not go out with him. But we still talked and sat together in the neighbourhood as friends.”

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