Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Why Kim Kardashian's Second Child May Be Her Last

Kim Kardashian's second child maybe her last biological child....according to reports ..UsWeekly claims she had a secret operation in December to help her get pregnant for a second time.

'She had surgery to repair damage to her uterus,'  This operation was in addition to the more minor procedure (where her uterus was cleaned out) that was shared during an April episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

According to People, this second pregnancy won't be easy  .It was also claimed that this will be her last pregnancy because of the complications she is already experiencing with this latest attempt at a child.

But they are prepared,'It's been a long road and they are just so thankful to the doctors because they said she would never conceive again.'

People also added that Kim is being more careful than it seems. Even though she has been at events in New York City and Nashville this week, 'she is trying to rest,' said the source.
'She is trying to do what she can to not get Pre-eclampsia again,' it was added. 'But there is a chance she might.'

Pre-eclampsia is a potentially dangerous condition in which blood pressure skyrockets during pregnancy.

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