Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dear Dad

It's that time of the year again dad. And sincerely i wanted to start the year, talking with you. I remember you sometimes forgot my birthdays and exchanged my sister's date for mine...another indication that i wasn't your number one daughter, lol. And whenever i accused you of it...you always laughed it off...Something tells me you didn't forget the date this year dad.
Adding another year can be scary, just as it can be exciting. Scary because of the reality that you are growing older and that comes with much more responsibilities. And exciting because...you are growing older, lol. I sincerely don't know what this new year holds for me dad. But i do know you are with the one who knows everything...i kinda take comfort in that.

I hope i finally get to meet the 'One' this year, because truthfully i'm getting tired of waiting...let him come around already :-). I do hope i start off my masters. I do hope i become a better person, in mind, body, and soul. I do hope i make you very proud in every decision, i make!

I am expecting a gift from you today dad. I love rain very much, and it's raining outside right now...i want to believe you somehow have a hand in that :-). Never the less, i'm still expecting a more concrete gift from you! :-) I love you now and always!

Happy Birthday to me! :-)


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