Sunday, May 31, 2015

Love Talk: 10 Reasons Why Ladies Steal Their Friend’s Boyfriends

Certainly we have witnessed this act by ladies. A lot of girls do not stand at a distance and watch the boyfriend and their best girlfriend cruising life. 

The reasons while they 'snatch' includes,

1. Jealousy 
If she finds the guy caring and loving she would most likely get jealous....especially if she is single or her own BF is not as caring and nice.....So maybe you should stop telling your friends just how caring your guy is.

2. Love 
She could actually fall in love with your BF, they say, ”Birds of the same feather flock together” she might just like the same type of guys you do.

Game Time: Complete This Nursery Rhyme & Win Airtime!!!!

Did you go to nursery school? If you did, then you should be able to remember this rhyme...

H.I.P For the HIP...For the HIP PO PO..... 

The first person to correctly complete the popular nursery rhyme above wins AIRTIME! :-)
The game ends at exactly 12pm on the 1st of June....Let's hear what you think guys


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