Sunday, May 24, 2015

What's Mario Balotelli Doing? (See PIC)

Weirdo! lol

HappY BiRthdAy NDY!

It's actually 'Happy Belated Birthday' *covers face* . Wednesday the 20th of May was his birthday, and somehow i missed it.... i believe it's better late than never tho :-)  @Ndy, you are one of the fastest friends i have ever made. I've come to find out that, you are a wonderful, thoughtful person with a great soul! It's always fun talking with you, cause it leaves me feeling better and with the 'knowing' that i can achieve more in blogging and life generally. I truly wish you God's very best this new year. His favour and Presence would be evident on your path at all times. He would give you plenty reasons to smile and uphold you all round. I love and appreciate you big time!...Happy Birthday!!!    

Btw, he's not given me permission to put up his pic...If  he does, i would definitely upload it later today :-)

Update: He's agreed that his pics be uploaded... Find them after the cut


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