Saturday, May 23, 2015

Guys...True or False?

Question Of The Night

How did we get here? I have heard several tales about the cause of this fuel scarcity. It's hard to say which one is true. In your own opinion, what's the root cause of this? What's happening really? How did we get here?

For Real?????

Has 9ja gotten this bad??

Imagine You...

God forbid oh! It's just a scenario. Just imagine you have the rare opportunity of seeing your future. You peep into it and discover that  you would be poor....meaning you were never destined to be rich in life....What would you do? Would you stop going to school and working and doing all those unnecessary hustling and start living a carefree life?...Cause afterall, whether you work or not, whether you go to Harvard or not... you would still be poor!....What would you do guys?

9ja Guys...How True Is This?

There's no smoke without fire...True or False?

Inspire Me


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