Monday, May 11, 2015

Love Talk: Why Are You Still Single?

I was asked the question some days ago, and as simple as it looks it was a tough battle trying to get an answer. I thought to myself ‘why not? Was it out of place to still be single?’ Well I guess here is a good explanation of what I mean:
I sat on the stool in the kitchen and watched my very good friend of 12 years prepare this lovely meal. It was jollof spaghetti with corned beef and sausage. It smelt really good, looked and definitely tasted delicious.

Is It Advisable To Do This?

I Don't Understand This Picture....Do You?

To Abort or Not To Abort? 10-Year Old Girl Impregnated By Her Step-Father (Read Full Story)

Crazy story here guys. A man in Paraguay has been accused of raping his 10-year-old stepdaughter and getting her pregnant. At the moment, the girl is 22-weeks pregnant. However, the Paraguayan law bans abortions except in cases where the pregnancy endangers the mother's life.  

The Paraguayan Ministry of Health says there's no indication that the health of the girl  is at risk, therefore the girl is to keep the baby.

But the girl's family is asking for an abortion and Amnesty International is backing the family. 

Amnesty International official Guadalupe Marengo said,
"The physical and psychological impact of forcing this young girl to continue with an unwanted pregnancy is tantamount to torture," 
"The Paraguayan authorities cannot sit idly by while this young rape survivor is forced to endure more agony and torment."
What do you think guys? She is really very young. Would abortion be advisable in this case?

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