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Can You Figure Out The Opposites Of These Words?

Any idea?

Love Talk: Do You Respect Your Spouse's Right Of Intimacy?

The day you said ‘I do’ to your spouse, you gave him or her the “Right of Intimacy’ with you. Intimacy has a lot to do in ensuring you have a very peaceful, grudges-free marriage. Because this right has been shelved in most marriages, most couples end up having an unsatisfying sex life. They no longer enjoy making love with each other for some reasons. It may be as a result of a busy schedule on the part of one of the partners or both. It may also be because of health issues while it may be because they’ve lost that initial spark that brought about intimacy between them.

All married couples are entitled to have satisfying sex with each other because it is a very important part of intimacy and marriage. Without mincing words, it is one of the reasons why marriage was instituted. They are supposed to have adequate sex so as to avoid infidelity or affairs that may ruin the marriage.

Pls Advice: "I Caught Her Cheating & She's Not Even Remorseful"

Just found out my wife of 10years is cheating on me with a guy her age-mate. I am 7 years older than my wife but take care of her with everything in my capacity.

I recently noticed she started receiving long calls, started going out more with her friends and even went to the gym regularly without me forcing her to (like I used to before). She seldom stay at home weekends, always going to one occasion or the other. I used to believe all her lies before but now I know she had been having sexual escapades.

After catching her red-handed with the guy, she confessed to me that she is in love and blamed me for neglecting her and not caring for her enough.

The most annoying thing is I have never denied her of anything she asks for and the guy does not even have a job which means she has been collecting money from me to give the man. This is really painful.
Now, she's not remorseful at all and even asked me if I still want her in my life or want her to leave..
I am very confused as to what to do because I love my wife and still think we can make things work between us.

What Do You Think Of This Post Guys,

I'm not sure what to say. What are your thoughts?

Riddle Of The Day

Smell me, buy me, and deliver me.
I won't change.

What am I?

Pls Advice: "Women Just Seem To Like Me"

I'm not sure what i'm hoping from this thread post. any advice, or someone that is in same situation to share maybe. 

I've been with my girlfriend for two and one half years. i love her very very much. i want to spend my life with her. that means so much to me. when i think of her not being in my life it causes me huge sadness. it would break her heart too.

I'm 33. i had two relationships previous with girls i love that i ended. the first after i cheated on her four times in one month i know that is bad, the second that i ended before i cheated on her but after several almost times because i couldnt be sure it wouldn't happen, i was almost sure it would happen. that was the hardest thing i have ever had to do.

True or False?

Can Nigerian Men Pay More To Marry A VIRGIN? (Must Watch)

If you marry a virgin...would she cheat on you?..some people seem to think so. Another person said, 'Virginity is ignorance' ...Watch the video above and please do tell us what you think

Question Of The Morning

True Life Story

A man rented a house and moved in with his family. After 2-years his rent was increased from 400,000 to 500,000, he didn't complain because he liked the house. The following year he couldn't come up with the money and the agent was on his neck. His wife saw what her husband was passing through and decided to go borrow the money so that her husband will pay back later, the husband was indeed very happy. He paid back the cash when he got it. 2-years later, the house rent was increased to 700,000 and this man became upset. So he begged the agent to introduce him to the landlord so that he could talk with him, but the agent bluntly refused. The man decided to do an underground investigation to uncover who the landlord is. The revelation of his investigation really shook him, the house belonged to his wife. Imagine this happened to you, as the man what will you do? If you were the woman what will you say to your husband?

HapPy BirThdAy Ufuoma!

Yaay!!! Today is Ufuoma's Birthday! I pray God blesses you big time and grant you your heart desires that are inline with His will. You would always be a reference point in your generation!  The world will marvel at the beautiful and awesome things God will do through you. May this new year be the 'bestest' year you have ever had in your life!! Happy Birthday! *Big Hug* Have fun!

Cynthia Morgan Goes Naked For Her Single Cover

She has titled the new single, 'Come and Do'. Full pic after the cut

Photo Of The Morning

EPIC CUTE Throwback PICS Of Buhari

He looks very different shey? More pictures below

Is This Supposed To Be A Joke?

Stumbled on this,
Manny Pacquiao got $120m for being beaten for just 36minutes by Floyd Mayweather Aka "Money" and your foolish boyfriend/husband has been beating you for free...
‪#‎LadiesBeWellGuided‬ .

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