Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Mistakes Naija Ladies Make

1. Believing a Guy will change for you

2. Insisting on a Guy who clearly doesn't give a crap about you 

3. Playing hard to get for entirely too long, till you're way past your selling date 

4. Falling for a bad Guy and putting the good guys in the "FRIENDS Z0NE" 

5. Thinking every Guy is like your EX 

6. Shaving off your EYEBRoWS Completely just to draw them back on 

7. Blaming the entire male population for one bad experience

8. Bringing other Gals down because of your own insecurities 

9. Allowing the same Guy to hurt you over and're taken him back for another time. It's you who has a problem not Him

10. Ignoring this update and repeating the same mistakes...over and over again...


"Women Who Bleach Have A Horrible Smell"-OAP Olisa Adibua

Here's the thing. Yoruba actress, Susan Maxwell, who bleached her skin, had this to say to The Nation
“Many people are of the opinion that light-skinned ladies are more attractive, and everything they wear shows off better and that is why I am here to help people enhance their complexion. 
I used to be very dark; I never thought I could become as fair as I am. I did it because I want to practice what I preach. I want them to see me and be blown away, especially those who knew me when I was dark. Because what I’m giving people isn’t something that would damage their skin but repair their skin, I use it on myself as well. If I wasn’t in this line of business, I probably wouldn’t have toned my skin at all. I don’t call it bleaching. I call it skin restoration
Most of my clients are above 18, and if they want to be white, I give them what they want. Black is beautiful, but I have no qualms with enhancing your complexion. 80% of Nigerian men want their women to be fair. They want a lady that draws attention to them. I’ve worked with many married women who complain of their men staring at fair women and they say to me, “Susan, make me fair, I want to be attractive to my man!”
So black people's skin are damaged and need repair? Na wa. Btw guys, do you want ladies that draw attention to themselves? I would have thought you wanted it the other way round? Anyway,  Beat FM OAP, Olisa Adibua, fired back. See what he said after the cut + Pictures of the transformed Susan

Ebube Nwagbo Shows Off Flat Belly In New PIC

She's looking a bit fairer sha. See some fans' reaction to the pic after the cut

In The Name Of Fashion: Men Would You Try It?

Lol! Ladies you like? More pics below

‘Delete Your Marriage if It Kills Your Dreams’ – Bovi

You agree with him?

Buhari Orders His Escorts To Obey Traffic Rules

The President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, on Wednesday ordered all security personnel attached to him as well as his official escorts to obey traffic rules.

This, according to a statement signed by the Director of Media and Publicity of the All Progressives Congress Presidential campaign council, Mallam Garba Shehu, is a demonstration of Buhari’s leadership style.

Buhari was quoted as saying obedience to the law would be the guiding philosophy of his administration, adding that “without leadership by example, the ordinary citizens would become copycats of the lawlessness of their leaders.”.....hmmm!

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