Monday, April 27, 2015

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Vampire Diaries' Damon Ties The Knot (SEE PICS)

It's official! Vampire Diaries' Damon is off the market! The star, aka Ian Somerhalder married Nikki Reed yesterday in Santa Monica mountains. She and Ian started dating in July 2014....2 months after she split from her ex husband, Paul McDonald... See more pics below,

Should People Take Off Their Shoes At Doorsteps??

I was at a friend's place recently. And i realized that, in their don't wear shoes in. And when you get in you would find out that they also don't wear slippers. Unlike my house where you where slippers to any and everywhere, for theirs, you pull you shoes/slippers in front of the house and you walk bare footed to every part of the house....even to have your bath! That was a bit strange to me. What's your take guys? It's a house and you are supposed to keep the dirt yes! people should pull their shoes at the entrance. OR i wipe my shoe on the footmat and get in....afterall whether i go in with my shoes or not...the house would still be dirty....what say you?

Pls Advice: I'm No Longer Attracted To My Wife's Body

Very tough issue to bring up with the wife, who has given birth to our baby 11 months ago.
Anyway, she is a super mother, I love her, works full time (as do I) but has put on I’d say, well over 2 stone since baby came along. She has no energy and little & isn’t showing much desire to drop a few lbs.
The above has lead to minimal sex/intimacy. I basically haven’t been arosed to, as I’m not really attracted to her at present. We briefly had a month of doing exercise classes but that fell by the wayside.

True or False?

PICS & Full List Of Winners From The Daytime Emmy Awards

The 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards held last night at the Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank, California. Check out more pics from the event and tell us your best and worse look. Also view the full list of winners and losers after the cut!

Chidinma Stuns In Native Attire (See PICS)

Fine girl! See another pic below

Photo Of The Morning: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Cowboy! The preacher man allegedly rocked this outfit to the Love World festival of music and arts in Johannesburg

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