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Lol! True or False? (See PIC)

Love Talk: 10 Things Ladies Always Do That Make Them Lose Their Potential Husbands

Sometimes a little mistake could become a big deal and ladies most times make these simple mistakes that usually cause them big losses. Here are 10 out of numerous things ladies do, which could make them lose good men that may have been potential husbands 

Here we go:

1) Wearing A Ring
I don’t know if its swagg or they just can’t wait to have one, some ladies love wearing rings especially the one that looks like Wedding Rings, i once had a female friend who is so guilty of this, infact she had three Wedding Rings that she wears, i asked her why and her reply was ”I just don’t want a boyfriend now, so i wear a ring to scare guys off” and ladies just has she had mentioned, it really scares some guys off and just so you know one of them could have been the best man ever.

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Pls Advice: "Should I Tell Him or Let It Go?"

Stumbled on this. What advice would you give her?
I need your advice. I live with my older sister and her husband. I just finished NYSC and got a good job recently. I am saving to get my own place. I am really cool with my brother in- law, he treats me like his younger and really supports me. I mean this guy is really cool. 
 I recently found out my sister isn’t being faithful to him, I found some messages on her phone she has been exchanging with some guy. She had given me the phone to fix something for her.  My sister is only 2 years older than me and we are close too, so I didn’t hesitate to confront her. She was shocked by my boldness, at first, tried to deny it but when I threatened to tell our parents, she backed down and admitted. She tells me I am not married and would not understand. I am like what is there to understand? You are married and cheating on your husband. 
 I have asked her to stop if not I will tell everybody and she has told me to go to hell, that the break up of her marriage will be on my head and I shouldn’t be stupid because she will deny everything and her husband will kick me out of the house thinking I don’t mean them well after everything they have done for me. 
My brother works on offshore so most times; it is just my sister, their kid and me in the house. I am almost want to challenge her when she is going out, like where is she going to or where has she been? But I don’t and it is killing me. I know in some of those her outings, she would have been with her lover and then she comes home to act like a good wife and mother. 
 I really don’t know how to handle this situation. Please advise me.

Is There Anything Wrong With A Christian Clubbing?

A friend and I were chatting recently, and somehow, this came up. It was an issue of church and clubs, and he was saying something like, there are really good guys, like husband materials in club houses. And being a 'good' guy doesn't = boring, one has to catch his fun. I wasn't sure what to say about that. I think i'm strictly of the opinion that if you are truly a christian....what are you looking for in a club house? He kept saying they were different types of clubs, that he wasn't referring to the strippers club, as that's a totally different level. But a normal night club, where you just go chill out and dance all night and all of that. We didn't really get to an agreement, so i decided to ask you guys, Is there anything wrong with a Christian or a Muslim, going to clubs? Can it be termed a 'sin'.....why or Why not?

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Why I Think Prostitutes Are Brave

I remember in University, there was this class ‘sociology of prostitution’, it was very enlightening and I was the only one who didn’t raise my hands to condemn prostitutes.

I have over the years realized that as human beings it’s so convenient to condemn things we don’t understand. When you look at someone you know is a prostitute, do not immediately cast judgment.

Call my moral compass broken or whatever but personally I do not condemn prostitutes and I don’t think anyone should. Prostitution is usually referred to as the oldest profession in the world, it begun as far back as the times of ancient Greece and it still exists today, in a more sophisticated manner of course.

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Another Wedding Proposal Idea Guys....


Is Lilian Esoro Pregnant For Ubi Franklin Already?

Ubi shared that on his Instagram page, leaving people wondering if Lilian is already carrying his think so too??

Obasanjo Snaps Selfie With Popular OAP (See PIC)

That's popular Beat FM OAP, Gbemi Olateru with former presido, OBJ. The duo met while Gbemi was headed to California. I'm getting to like baba more these days sha

Ubi Franklin Beat Up Emma Nyra? (See What Fade Ogunro Is Saying)

The OAP shared that on social media. People feel she is referring to Ubi and Emma Nyra....what do you think guys?

Have You Seen Nigeria's Superman??

Halima Abubakar Shares Epic Throw Back PIC

Has she changed much?

Photo Of The Morning

Inspire Me

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