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Rag day things!

In The Name Of Fashion


MUST READ: Man Is A Complex Animal 11

In case you missed it, read Episode 1 Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7 ,  Episode 8Episode 9 and Episode 10

Episode 11


Lekki, Lagos.


Mrs Remi Johnson was a picture of a very happy woman. The smile on her face seemed like it was permanently plastered on it as her eyes glittered like masterfully cut out diamond pieces.

Why would she not be happy when she had been blessed with four beautiful daughters?

There was a time it had bothered her that she was having only girl children especially as the taunts of her now late mother in-law, had made her life a living hell.

Hilarious! Watch This Nigerian Idol Guy 'Murder' John Legend's All Of Me

All of Me [Fuji Version]
Posted by OluwaSparkle Yetunde on Saturday, March 21, 2015

It's even the judges that make me laugh the most. Have you watched any episode of this show??...Any one can get in! lol. The judges say yes to every and any body. I want to believe they know what they are doing sha. Watch that guy above render his own version of John Legend's "All Of Me" and tell us if you are feeling his 'swag'...

Tinubu To Start His Own Cable TV? ( See Tweet)

If this is true, then....i'm speechless

Air Traffic Controllers @ MMA Are On Strike; Travellers To Expect Major Delays

Series of tweets indicate that the air traffic controllers at Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, are currently on strike. See more tweets below

Must Read: How I Caught My Cheating Wife

You know those kind of stories you see online and you are not certain if it's a true life story or not? Well this is one of such stories....but from all indications, it seems like it really happened.

Here’s the story:

So I had a feeling she was cheating, as she set off a lot of red flags. Constantly laughing and smiling when texting, saying it was just her mother when I asked. Needing to stay late every night after work. When I’d call in her co-workers said she left hours ago. 
When I asked her what was going on she’d laugh it off and say it was just something they did to each other at the office all the time.

"I'm In Love With A Tree...It's The Best Sex I've Ever Had"-Emma McCabe

A woman who gave up on men has resorted to entering an intimate relationship with a tree!

In an interview that has left a lot of people stumped, 31-year-old Emma McCabe admitted to Closer Magazine that she's in love with a tree.

After a series of failed relationships, she literally branched out and fell head over heels with a poplar tree she affectionately named Tim. In her words,
“My feelings are genuine. I’ve had boyfriends, but never connected with anyone like Tim,” 
“I’m in love and would like to get married. I look at other trees, but don’t touch — I wouldn’t cheat on Tim.”

Project Smile :-)

WOW! Check Out Kylie Jenner's Look Alike

The resemblance is striking!....Is it true that everyone on Earth has a look alike?
See more pics below

Oh My! Epic Photo Of The Day

"The Kidnappers Dumped The Kids In A Bag"-The Orekoya Family Recount How The Kids Were Rescued

The Orekoya boys with their dad

Yesterday, the three Orekoya boys,Aderomola (11 months), Adedamola (4 years) and Demola (6 years)– were reunited with their family after being abducted by thir nanny, Mary Akinloye, who was employed through OLX. Read how Punch is reporting it below,

Emotions ran high on Wednesday at the Police College Hospital, Ikeja, where the Orekoya children were being treated after they were released by their captors.
Their father, Leke, said they were put in bags by the kidnappers, who left them at the Shasha area of Lagos.
The family was later contacted on the telephone by people suspected to be working with Mary Akinloye, demanding a ransom of N15m.
The kidnappers were said to have reduced the ransom to N13m, insisting they would not take less.
They had threatened to kill the kids if the money was not paid.

Epic Throwback! Check Out Tinubu & His Wife @ Their Traditional Wedding

When men were boys! Oga was a fine man sha

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