Saturday, April 4, 2015

Obama Awards Jega For Conducting A Credible Election

Awww! The hero of the year, Professor Attahiru Muhammadu Jega, has been recognised and awarded for the role he played in the just concluded presidential elections.

United States President, Barack Obama has awarded Jega with a ‘Certificate of Commendation’ for conducting a credible election.

The certificate was presented to Jega on behalf of Obama by the US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle. Congrats to him!

Weird Advert: Man Looking For Urhobo Girl To Marry

I wonder if it's real or the person is just kidding around. Pls if you do end up calling the number, i wouldn't mind you sharing your experience here...

Pls Advice: "I Refused Carrying Her Handbag And..."

I found this on Nairaland
I was employed as an architect in a medium size architectural firm, my boss happens to be a lady. 
I hitched a ride in her car after a meeting with a client on site, It's was even my first time of hitching a ride in her car, as I have always eschewed it, on getting to the office she asked me to carry her hand bag along, but I turned deaf ear to her request and swiftly went straight to the office, but she came to my office and gave me a sullen glare.  
I thought the malice won't last long, but unfortunately for me, she fired me this morning for a no cogent reason.  
I'm downcast and bewildered, she's just privilege to be the manager because it's her dad firm, she's my contemporary, and I was on the verge of supervising a gigantic project.  
Was I wrong?

Did You Know That A Nigerian Was The First Gay NBA Player?

Project Smile :-)

Fire Razes Cloth Shops @ Idumota Market (See PICS)

Few days back, my sister was in Idumota market and she saw three shops that were side by side, burnt down by fire. The three shops were stocked with expensive lace materials....all gone like that. According to her, it was a sad sight to behold. She claimed a woman was saying the fire was most likely sent by someone.Whereby the fire consumes the shops and return the value worth as money to the person who sent the fire.... Is that possible?

See more pics below

MUST WATCH: Very Interesting Interview With Aisha Buhari

This is a MUST WATCH interview guys. It gives a detailed analysis of our new first lady. She is so different from Mama Peace. Aisha Buhari seems really nice and VERY, VERY, VERY down to earth plus she smiles a's almost unbelievable to believe she is a President's wife. Strangely enough, she is Buhari's only wife. 

This interview aired on TV Continental days before her husband’s historic Presidential election win. Check out the very revealing interview above guys and pls do share your thoughts.

Lupita Stuns In New Photoshoot (See PICS)

The Oscar winning actress is on the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar’s magazine. See more photos from her photoshoot after the cut

Mystery Surrounding The Victory Of Gen. Buhari

The number 4 is believed to have a spiritual significance.,,,Bible scholars, any idea what it is?

Must Read: My Future Wife Must Be From The Village

Am a young man in my twenties. Am a student of futa with the hope of a bright future and a happy and fruitful home. But i seem to be in love with village girls and maidens and wish to marry them for some serious reasons which i will state below,

1.True love-if you need true love,then go to the village. Village girls love their husbands with all their might.and they are the exact replica of what the bible is saying in proverbs 10  
2.Respect-they are full of respect and honour their husbands. It is a rare thing to find a village woman arguing or abusing her husband,or threatening him with divorce.

"Nobody Should Celebrate Buhari"-Etcetera

Why are we dancing? Why do we keep rolling out the drums each time we have a new government, only for us to start crying few months down the line? Is it that we are too quick to forget or we just love to dance? Do you celebrate a child who’s about to write his exams or the one who has written and passed? What is this jubilation for? Because I really don’t understand. 

Is it that the election of Buhari in itself has suddenly alleviated our sufferings? I am really confused here, hearing how six bikers lost their lives in Zaria celebrating Buhari’s victory. One would think that a people who have been shortchanged for so long by past presidents will know better to be calm and take every word of the new president with a pinch of salt until he proves to be different. This process is becoming an unending circle, again and again we’ve danced and again and again, we’ve cursed and cried at the end. 

It is still shocking to me that a lot of Nigerians fell for the story that the president was born without shoes. Was anyone born with shoes on? Buhari’s triumphant entry into the presidency last Sunday which coincidentally was a palm Sunday doesn’t yet prove he is the redeemer. Just like the second coming of our supposed political messiah Obasanjo didn’t prove any significant improvement in our lives.

Jonathan & Wife Move Personal Belongings From Aso Rock

President Goodluck Jonathan and his family members have started moving their personal belongings out of the Presidential Villa.

Punch sighted some buses loaded with travel bags moving out of the President’s official residence at about midday on Friday.

One of the buses, a white 18-seater Hiace bus marked PF 6244 AL, was still being loaded with bags of different shades and sizes at the time of filing this report.

It was not clear at press time where the buses were heading for.

Post Of The Morning

Another Marriage Proposal Idea Guys....

That is if you guys already have a child :-)

Doctor Arrested For Telling Patients They Have HIV As April Fools' Day Joke

A doctor in Chicago has been arrested for allegedly telling all his patients that they were all HIV positive as an April Fools joke. Dr. Prince Johnson, who is local Chicago Doctor was arrested after suspicion of giving patients false HIV test results. According to Huzlers,
Patients and NURSES began getting suspicious after 16 patients “tested positive for HIV”, until nurses found out the truth, Dr. Johnson was playing an April fools joke on all his patients. 
Upon realizing Dr. Johnson was being dishonest, patients called the authorities and Dr. Johnson was immediately arrested. 
“I can’t believe this was all a part of a sick April fools joke, I’m so relieved to find out i actually don’t have HIV”, says Clarissa, a patient of Dr. Johnson. Although nurses cleared up actual the HIV results, not everyone left the clinic with relief. According to nurses, there was a patient, who Dr. Johnson had told was HIV negative, only to find out she was actually HIV positive. 
But when was Dr. Johnson going to tell his patients “April fools”? After searching Dr. Johnson’s office for more evidence, authorities stumbled upon a small stack of greeting cards with “APRIL FOOLS N*GGA” written inside each one of the cards, along with a picture of NBA legend Magic Johnson. Authorities are sure Dr. Johnson was planning to give the cards to his patients at some time.

Credit: Huzlers, InformationNg 

Halima Abubakar Loses Weight Drastically (See PIC)

You like the new look?

Cute PICS Of Joseph & Adaeze Yobo's New Baby Boy

Woman Walks Around The City Naked (See PICS)

30-year old Paula Brindisi, went completely naked  at the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires. The model and artist wanted to get people’s reactions to nudity, so she decided to find out by walking around a busy city stark naked.

As she went about the city, her photographer friend snapped her going about her day-to-day business.

The nude-obsessed model, who was arrested in 2005 after stripping off with three men but was later cleared after the judge ruled she was working on an artistic project, said she came up with the idea after seeing people walking around naked in Barcelona, Spain.
She said: 
"It’s basically a photographic project that started in Barcelona and continued in Buenos Aires. 
"It picks up the reactions that people have when seeing someone naked doing the same things as people wearing clothes."
With a normal attitude, without being sexual, it has an artistic outcome, it expresses the reaction of people, it ridicules this sensation that people have in seeing someone naked." 
"It has to do with destroying prejudice."Usually people ask many questions, some applaud us.
"The important thing is that we mobilise them to drop their inhibitions and get naked."

LOL! Basketmouth Disses Arik Air In New Post

Lilian Esoro Goes Wedding Shopping.....?

The background is saying one thing and she is writing an entirely different thing, lol! The actress got engaged to the CEO of Made Men Music Group and Iyanya's manager, Ubi Franklin, last month. I hear their wedding is taking place this year. Big congrats to them!

Random question ladies: Would you rather shop for your wedding gown with boo or without him being around?

Ben Carson Commiserates With Families of 147 Kenyan Students Killed By Terrorists

On Thursday the 2nd of April, very early in the morning, members of Somali Islamic sect, Al-Shabab, went to Kenyan's Garissa University College and killed students and staff of the school. 
Five gunmen stormed the university, which is close to an army barracks. After killing guards at the main gate, They killed some students they found inside lecture halls who were working on their assignments while others were killed in their halls of residence. 

The total number of people who died in the end were about 147. 79 others were seriously injured.
According to Kenyan security forces, of the 815 students in the college, 500 were rescued, 147 were killed and the rest - 166 - have not been properly accounted for. 

Some are believed to have been taken hostage. 

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