Friday, April 3, 2015

Pls Advice: My Boyfriend Loves To SNIFF My Worn Panties & I Am Worried

Strange stories today. See another i found below,
I have been with my boyfriend for about a year now and even though everything is great with us (he has already told me what I want to hear about marriage and children), I am getting extremely worried about an act which is gradually becoming a habit. 
When we first met, anytime before we make love, he would take off my panties and put over his head which I found cute. Occasionally, he would sniff it and I will ‘shyly’ say, “come on don’t do that because I find it embarrassing”. Even that, I still found it cute that he wanted to smell me. 
But these days, this has become a habit to the extent that when I take off my panties to go and bath, he will take it and sniff it by putting it over his face. Sometimes, he even ‘bites’ it. 

Awww! Adaeze Yobo Welcomes Baby Boy (See PIC)

Adaeze shared this pic of her hubby, Joseph Yobo, announcing to all that their second child, Jayden, has arrived. He was born on the 31st of March (Buhari's day) at exactly 7:57am. Congrats to the couple!

Check Out GEJ & David Abioye Of Living Faith Breaking Lenten Fast

Btw Happy Good Friday people! What's the plan for today? What are you all doing? Church? Work? Planning on travelling to be with family members? Play? Sleep? Look for trouble?...Pls do share with us how you intend to spend 2015 Good Friday.
See another pic below

‘Free Sex For Buhari': Man Beaten To Coma After Refusing To Pay Prostitute

LOL! Funny story here guys. Recall i told you all that the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (NANP) has declared 3-days free sex nationwide since Buhari won the elections. Well, a certain Haruna Lawal landed on the hospital bed after having sex with a prostitute without paying.

The incident happened in Ejigbo area of Lagos, Lawal had gone to a red light zone after reading online that the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes had declared a three-day free sex promo to celebrate the victory of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of the APC.

Daily Post gathered that Lawal, after having rounds of sex with the prostitute all through the night, zipped up the following morning and thanked her for ‘driving him very well’.

Problem erupted when the lady demanded for her pay and Lawal reminded her of the ongoing promo announced by the association.

Pls Advice: "I'm Torn Between HIM & Masters Degree

This lady shared her dilemma with The Tribune, what would you advice her to do? Read below,
I am 27 years old. I am a graduate in serious search of a job. I finished my National Youth Service two years ago. 
In the course of my service year, I met a guy who has shown interest in marrying me. I am equally interested in him. He is working in an oil company and he is well paid. 
As I have searched long enough for a job and it seems none is forthcoming, I am thinking of applying for my further studies, but the guy is not well disposed to my decision for a higher degree. 
My parents called to inquire of my plans and I told them that I love going back to school on part-time basis and they never objected to this. Along the line, my mother asked me when I would love to settle down. My reply was that when I am through with my masters degree. She promised to get back to me soon as she hears from God on my choice. 
I have been offered an admission now, but the guy would not want to hear of it as he bluntly told me to choose either the masters programme or him and that the time he has picked to settle down is June this year. To compound my problem, my mum told me that the guy I introduced to them as my fiancé is not the will of God for my life. 
I confided in the only friend who I trust. She counseled me to go and pray about the issue, but on the premise that I should not dismiss my mum’s claim. 
I am soo confused about life and my situation. How many issues will I pray about? I need the counsel of your readers and yours before I take any decision. 
How do I get out of this confusing state of mine?

Cute PIC Of The Morning

Gospel Singer Sinach Gets Surprise Birthday Party From Hubby (See PICS)

Beautiful Sinach turned a year older on the 30th of March. The singer got a surprise birthday party at Protea Hotel, Ikeja. The party was put together by her husband, Joe Egbu with her friends and colleagues.  Sinach said of the parry,
Splendid time I had yesterday. My darling husband pulled one on me emojiemojibabes! A lot of tears. Absolutely the best bday ever.. #family #friendsforlife #prophecies #newlevel #blessings #praiseandworship
Her hubby on the other hand shared the pics on his facebook page and wrote,
"Happy birthday to my Princess, my Pride, my Love. My best friend, my student and my teacher as well. A special gift from God and most importantly, God's own Vessel of Honour. I love you."

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