Sunday, March 29, 2015

PIC From Dr. SID's Wife Baby Shower

Awww! Tiwa Savage shared the pic above and captioned it,

I like the way the Mavins are closely nitted. Congrats to the new mum to be

THS: Maybe There Is No God

What if there is no God? What if everything is one big fat lie cooked up by someone ancient a very long time ago? What if the old testament did happen, but in the bible it was portrayed in such a way as to suit the ideology that there is a God? Why should i believe there is a God? What if everything was just one big coincidence? What if we die and that's it....there really is no heaven or hell?....To that you may say some people have dreamt of heaven and hell and even visited it...What if all of that was just our mind playing tricks on us? You know our minds have the capacity of doing that right? Whereby you think you have a headache and before you know it you start feeling your head ache. 

Why on earth do you even believe there is a God? Because the sun comes up in the morning and the moon at night??....So what? What if  all of that is part of the natural system? What if satan is actually the good guy here and we have all been brainwashed? What if the dead have been trying to let us know the truth but somehow we are not getting the message right?

Don't tell me you believe because the bible says so....What if the bible was false and it was just a book written to carry on these lies? What if there is a big ultimate plan that we do not even know about and we are just blindly living our lives....I dare you to convince me that there is a God...I want practical reasons that i can relate to not myths. Why do you believe there is God?

Today, if you are truly a Christian then speak out and convince me that God is real and that He is the good guy, and that there is heaven and if you are good you would be there and all of that. I dare you to convince me...if you can.

THS(Talks From Her Study) is set up not to confuse anyone in anyway, but to enable us have a better understanding of God and His Word.

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                                                                                                                                       Forever Christ's



More Election Results From Akwa Ibom, Gombe,Kano,Kaduna & Others (See Snap Shots)

That's from a Polling Unit in Ekiti. See more below

A Life Like Christ's

....There are certain mountains only God can climb...
It's not that you aren't welcome to try, it's just that you aren't able....
If the word Saviour is in your job description, it's because you put it there. Your role is to help the world, not save it. Mount Messiah is one mountain you weren't made to climb.
Nor is Mount Self-Sufficient. You aren't able to run the world, nor are you able to sustain it. Some of you think you can. You are self-made. You don't bow your knees, you just roll up your sleeves and put on another twelve-hour day....which may be enough when it comes to making a living or building a business. But when you face your own grave and your own guilt, your power will not do the trick 


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