Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Love Talk: He Claims He Loves Me, But He Won’t Stop Watching Porn

At some point or other all women I’ve spoken to have asked me about porn. Some (not all) women I’ve spoken to in relationships struggle to understand why their partners watch it. They always ask, ‘Am I not enough for him?’ Opinions do differ. 
Some women don’t mind their men watching porn as they believe that it’s a natural thing for men to do and aren’t particularly bothered. They prefer that their men watch porn than go out and sleep with other women.

Cracks Seen On The Newly Commissioned N2.5b Ado Bayero Bridge Kano

Last Saturday our President commissioned a N2.5 Billion Kano-Zaria Road bridge, naming it after late Emir Ado Bayero. Fast forward to today, and cracks can already be seen on the bridge....
See more pics below

Woman With Massive Boobs Plans To Double Them (See PICS)

Her name is Lacey Wildd and the 45-year old mother of 6 has undergone 12 breast augmentations which took her from a 32AA to a LLL size. 

And the reality TV star is not planning to stop at all! She wants to defy the advice of doctors and the pleas of her children to go under the knife once more to DOUBLE what you see above.

See more pics below,

Any Advice For This Parent? (See PIC)

Pls Advice: "How Do I Test My Manhood?"

Came across this guy's predicament. What would you advice him to do?
After having a Hernia operation, the Doctor said I should go and test my manhood,my fiancee and I agreed to engage in sex only after marriage, she is also still a virgin. 
We still want to keep to our decision, she is also afraid that my manhood might not work if not tested, but she doesn;t want me to cheat and don't want us to break our principle.
What should I do?
Will it be called cheating if I go and sleep with another gal or if she is the one that arranged for the gal?  
If you were my Fiancee, will you allow me go sleep with another gal to check if I am medically sound downstairs or will you agree to loose your virginity before your wedding to same man who has promised to marry you in few months time? 

Is It Advisable To Tempt Your Partner?

For some people, the best and possibly the only way to know if your partner is really into you or not, is by 'testing' the person. They could use their friends, money, situations or other things to tempt the person and see if he/she falls.  But generally speaking, is it a good idea to tempt your partner in order to know if he/she loves you? Have you done it before? Can you do it?

If it's a good idea:
-Then in the business of "tempting" how far should a person go? Pls give scenarios
-What if he/she eventually falls for the temptation, will you take it as part of his/her 'incompetence'?
 If it's a bad idea: 
-How else do you find out if the person is really into you as he/she claims?
Pls lets try as much as possible to be practical. Looking forward to reading your thoughts. Thanks.

Riddle Of The Day

Read this question carefully....What is the fastest time that a group of students can row to the other side of the river...assuming these rules exists:

1. The speed of students are as follows
Student 1: Rows in 1 minutes
Student 2: Rows in 2 minutes
Student 3: Rows in 5 minues
Student 4: Rows in 10 minutess

2. Only two students can travel in, on or around the boat at any time 

3. The student who rows at the slowest speed  must do the rowing at anytime

4. Everyone must get to the underside using the rowboat

Any idea?

Project Smile: MTN Wahala

Pls Advice: Should I Listen To Her Younger Sister?

I stumbled on this,
I met my Fiancee three years ago, we will be walking up to the altar by the end of the month, but her younger sister will not allow me rest. This I have fought for these 3years without letting my fiancee know about it to avoid bringing quarrel b/w sisters. 
They are three in the family, two gals and a boy who is 11yrs old, My fiancee is 27, while the younger sister is 25, The younger sister has always been wearing provocative clothes around me, visiting my house at odd hours, she pretends a lot that her sister couldn't notice anything.

Buhari’s Eligibility Suit Adjourned To April 22.....Elections To Be Postponed?

Punch just shared the breaking news on it's website....does that mean they are postponing the elections?

Update From Punch:
A Federal High Court in Abuja has adjourned all the suits challenging the eligibility of presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari,till April 22 and 23, 2015. 
Justice Adeniyi Ademola fixed the date after he dismissed applications by two intended parties to join the suit as defendants. 
‎The judge said the adjournment would affect all the pending suits against Buhari in his court.

I still don't get...would the elections be postponed as a result of this?

Kenny Brandmuse Replies Linda Ikeji's Gay Post About Him

I'm certain we all know Kenny Brandmuse (Read up about him here if you don't) Yesterday, he posted the above on his Facebook page and Linda Ikeji blogged about it. As expected, there were lots of comments. Kenny picked one comment and decided to reply. Read his reply below,

LOL! True or False? (See PIC)

Project Smile :-)

I saved a life today. I asked a beggar how he will feel if I gave him N5,000.He replied "I will die of
happiness", so i didn't give him again.

Photo Of The Day: Die-Hard APC Fan

Woman Attacks Boyfriend's Car With Sanitary Pads Because She Thought He Was Cheating(See PICS)

A Chinese woman did the unthinkable because she thought her boyfriend was cheating on her. , According to People's Daily Online, Angry Li Tan, 23, decided to stick sanitary pads to her boyfriend's car.

On the contrary,her partner De Wu, 24, was at a friend's house , planning a surprise birthday party for her.

When De failed to return home an hour after he'd promised, his furious girlfriend went to a nearby shop, bought 30 sanitary towels and stuck them on his rental car as stunned passers-by watched on.

Question Of The Morning

Kate Henshaw Involved In Nasty Fight With A Market Woman In Asaba (PICS)

Oh well...for a movie sha :-)  These are pictures of Kate on the set of a recent movie in Asaba titled
Public Assault’. The movie was directed by Tchidi Chikere and it stars the likes of Hafiz Oyetoro (Saka) and Queen Nwokoye

Two more pics below

It Seems Yvonne Nelson Foresaw France Plane Crash (Read Her Chat)

I'm pretty sure you all read about the Germanwings Airbus A320 plane crash that happened in France yesterday killing all 150 people on board. It seems Yvonne Nelson had a bad dream involving Lufthansa. And a week later Germanwings Airbus A320 plane belonging to Lufthansa airlines crashed in France. The Ghanaian actress posted a screenshot of a private message she had with a friend last Wednesday ..

See full chat after the cut

INEC Releases Statistics of Nigerians Who've Collected their PVC (See LIST)

So far, only 81% of Nigerians have collected their it too late to collect your PVC?

BV HookUps

BV HookUp aims at successfully matching two compatible individuals of the opposite sex, for serious dating.....that could lead to marriage.  What makes BV HookUp different from the normal match making is that it would be done manually. And by manual, i mean a "machine" wouldn't be doing the hookup from behind the scenes. We would actually be hooking you up personally....we may have to switch to automatic later on, but for now it would be manual.

If you are interested, send me a mail. The mail should include your Name, Gender, Age and Why you want to be hooked up. It should be sent to

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