Friday, March 20, 2015

Between PDP And APC...

A PDP fan tweeted that....APC replied below,


True or False? (See PIC)

Pls Help! Is This Sleeping Position Normal??

My room mates brother who came from the village to write jamb in one of the centers which happen to be my school has this weird way of sleeping, I wake up each night and find him sleeping this way, and also making some funny sounds, have told my roommate about it and he says he has not noticed it 
And my concern is that eventually if he is given admission, he's going to squart with us for a while before getting his room. 
So should I be worried about his style of sleeping or its just a normal thing cause I don't feel comfortable each time I find him sleeping like this and I won't be able to sleep again. 

You Like? See Original Design Of The National Flag

The original design of the flag was made by PA Micheal Taiwo Akinkunmi a.k.a Mr flag man. It used to have a Red Sun in the white background displaying steaming rays. However it was removed to give way to the 'green-white-green' flag we have today. Check it out after the cut and pls tell us which you prefer

Beyonce Rocks Ankara In New PICS

You like?

Inspire Me


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