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In The Name Of Fashion

Must Read-The Proposal: The Truth

There are three sides to every story: Read His Side, Her Side if you missed it

The Truth

Dee glanced at his phone for the umpteenth time as he checked out the digital clock on its screen, tapping his feet on the marbled floor of the eatery as he usually did when he was pensive.

The digital clock read 15:30 and it was becoming very obvious that PLAN A would not be feasible.

‘JY, What’s up?’ He asked his brother, as he spoke into the phone’s receiver. ‘Have you guys been able to take her out of that place?’

‘No success yet bro, she insists on picking her certificate today.’ The voice answered, clearly frustrated.

‘Pearl can be stubborn sometimes. I’m sure she won’t leave that ceremony until it ends,’ Dee replied, unable to mask his disappointment. ‘We might need to move to PLAN B‘. He stated calmly as he listened to his brother grunt in agreement.

Is This How Maiduguri Women Dressed In 1943???

I really don't it that there was an era in 9ja when everyone used to walk around naked or half clothed? I thought all that ended with Adam and Eve, and people used at least leaf to cover up? How come when ever they show throwback pics of 9ja women especially, they are most times "half-dressed"?
See full pic below

Kanye West Features Nude Models In His Lookbook For His Adidas Collection (See PICS)

Kanye West has released his look book to promote his designs ..but sincerely i'm not sure what he's advertising cause the models are wearing next to nothing

The collection will reportedly be priced between $350 and $3,500....see more pics below and tell us if you can spot what exactly Kanye is showcasing in each photo

Shirtless Wiz Khalifa Shows Off His Tattoos In New PICS

These are pics of 27-year old Wiz Khalifa for BRICK magazine. I think he has added weight sha, See more after the cut

Watch Video Of Monk Praying In Boiling Oil

The monk is from Thailand’s Nong Bua Lamphu province. He can be seen looking at ease despite sitting in a vessel of oil with fire underneath. 
He is also seen sharing his magical powers with others by touching objects that they pass to him. His followers believe that his touch can make their amulets or pieces of fabric powerful. These objects are apparently sold to the locals and other places of worship.

Watch video below

PICS From Mile 12 Market Fire Incident Where 3 People Reportedly Died

In the early hours of yesterday morning, fire swept through a section of the popular Mile 12 market in Lagos, burning three persons to death and destroying over 20 fully stocked shops.

Two others who sustained varying degree of injuries were initially rushed to the Lagos State Emergency Centre at the Toll-Gate area of Ikosi before being taken to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, because of their critical condition.

Iyabo Akinjide, a labourer in the market, said that the fire started around 5:30am after an electricity cable sparked and fell on a bus which immediately burst up in flames. The fire escalated when it caught drums of petrol and diesel meant for sale placed in a part of the market.

See more pics from the incident below,

ISIS Pledges Allegiance With Boko Haram

An Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) spokesman pledged allegiance to Boko Haram in a video released online on Thursday. The video, though not authenticated, was released on sites frequented by ISIS followers.

This pledge was in response to an announcement late last week by the Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, that they would ally themselves with ISIS.

Boko Haram has been under significant stress in recent weeks, due to renewed interest from the Nigerian government to remove them from the localities under their control. Regional allies, in particular Cameroon and Chad, have carried out joint operations against the terrorist organization. 

Nigeria postponed its election because, according to its security chiefs and election commission, security at polling stations could not be guaranteed.

A spokesman for ISIS said in an audio recording,
"We announce to you to the good news of the expansion of the caliphate to West Africa because the caliph... has accepted the allegiance of our brothers of the Sunni group for preaching and the jihad,"

Charly Boy Releases New PICS....

No, he doesn't get tired, lol! See one more after the cut

"What Is Wrong With The Dress?"-Susan Peters Addresses Haters Over Her AMVCA Outfit

Plenty people have been laughing at her Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards' (AMVCA) outfit. But here's what the actress told Punch about the outfit she wore,
“What was wrong with the dress? I don’t have anything to say about people’s opinion on what I wore to the event. I wore what I liked. I had a design that I liked and I wore it. 
I did not use anybody’s money to buy the dress, so what is their business? I believe that I stood out and that is why I am trending. While they are busy talking about me, I am laughing all the way to the bank over my new movie, Don’t Cry for Me. It is doing really well in the market and I am getting positive review over it,” 

"How Long Are We Going To Be Slaves To DSTV?"-Etcetera Writes

I have decided to lend my voice to the call for sanctions against Dstv in Nigeria, despite the fact that I have been cautioned by a couple of entertainers that speaking up against the almighty cable network may result in the banning of my works on its network. Yes, it is true that challenging these multinationals in Nigeria attracts sanctions especially for entertainers, but I have decided to speak up because I am one of the millions of Nigerians affected by any increment in subscription charges. 

Moreover, what’s the point of having my works on a platform that my fans can’t afford? 

In The Name Of Fashion: Singer FKA Twigs

That's what the singer wore to Alexander McQueen's fashion gala on Thursday evening...You feeling the 'flowers'? See more below

Tyga Confirms Relationship With Kylie Jenner

25-year old Tyga shared a pic of 17-year old Kylie with the caption above. Lots of people online feel he is confirming his relationship with the child but personally i feel he's just seeking attention, and funny enough he's getting it! Some people slammed him for his caption, see some reactions after the cut

Traditional Healer/ Pastor Rapes Daughter of Patient (See PICS)

This issue of rape though...The Akwa Ibom State Police Command on Tuesday arrested a 60-year-old pastor who doubles as a traditional healer, Mr. Udo Job (pictured above), for raping a 14-year-old daughter of one of his patients.

The girl had visited her sick father when the man sexually assaulted her.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Gabriel Achong, who was represented by the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mike Okoli, said the pastor sent the girl’s mother to the market and lured her into his room and forcibly defiled her.

Dakore Looks Different On The Cover Of EM 78th Issue (See PICS)

Dakore Egbuson Akande is on the cover of EM 78th issue. And the mother of two looks dashing! See more pics below

So There Is A Male Amber Rose....

Can You Do This With Your Dog?

Inspire Me

Credit: Pierre Alex Jeanty


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