Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hip TV's An Evening With Buhari Is Extremely Boring

Who's watching this at the moment? It's really boring and it's not even looking promising at all. Tune in to HIP TV Channel 324, to watch it now....

Btw check out pics I snapped from a very boring performance they just finished,

"I Am Lucifer & Am Proud"-Charly Boy Shares New PICS

Charly Boy shared these new pics on his Instagram page and uploaded a new post on his Facebook page titled ‘I Am, Lucifer’.

Here's what he wrote,
I Am, Lucifer. 
No come dey frown face as if you be winche. As you don hear Lucifer now, e dey be you like make you take off? Sometimes I wonder, What’s really is in a name. 
Yea! Sometimes a name could be such a big deal. Am sure you’ve heard the phase “As pious as a Pope”, but sometimes some of the Popes ain’t all that, abi? As gentle and peaceful as Jesus, who really thought his followers Love and tolerance.

Awww! See Davido's Sweetheart At The Moment

"Linda Ikeji Is The Lamest Of Them All"- Jim Iyke Slams Linda

Jim is angry! Lol! The actor is the cover star for Glam Africa Magazine‘s Spring 2015 issue. In the magazine, he slammed Charles Novia, Segun Arinze and bloggers such as Linda Ikeji and Ladun Liadi.

His own beef with Charles Novia & Segun Arinze stems from their reactions to his September 2013 deliverance at TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations which aired on the church’s Emmanuel TV and later went viral.

Segun Arinze reportedly sent out a BBM broadcast calling the deliverance an “embarrassment” while Charles Novia sent out a series of tweets questioning the authenticity of the deliverance.

What Kind Of Twisted Advert Is This? Hehehe!!

In The Name Of Fashion: Nicki Minaj

Are you feeling her swag?

MUST READ: Man Is A Complex Animal



Gwarimpa, Abuja.


Laide Igbinedion watched on as Priye led select members of the music group in doing a special birthday rendition for her. She nodded her head to the music, enjoying the feel of the song, oblivious of the fact that she was on the big screen.

She froze momentarily as her eyes caught her image on the big screen, with her head bopping to the music.

Task: Can You Spot The Correct Apple Logo?

It's actually not as easy as it seems....can you? No cheating oh... Let's hear what you think

Must Read-The Proposal: Her Side

There are three sides to every story: Read His Side if you missed it

Her Side

How far. Na wa 4 u. So u can’t show up 2 support me. It is well.

I read the sms that I had just sent to the supposed love of my life and I felt disappointed with myself as reading the sms made me see that it didn’t have as much sting as I would have wanted it to.

I thought about sending him a harsher sms but I just barely restrained myself from doing so. His excuse that, ‘something came up,’ didn’t sit well with me at all.

What could have come up? How could he have missed my graduation after being the one that had encouraged me to attend the crash course on photography in the first place?

Comment If You Ever Bought This N20 Thing...

Liars are going to hell oh, :-)

Must Read- The Proposal: His Side


There are three sides to every story.

His Side

I look at the ring nestled comfortably in the velvet case as the diamonds on the band, duet with the emerald stone to produce a sparkling symphony.

‘It’s worth the cash,’ I mutter to myself, admiring the object in my hand. ‘Atleast when she’s shedding tears, I’ll know what the tears represent.’ I tell myself as I slip the velvet case back into the inner pocket of my jacket, waiting for her to join me on the table in our favourite restaurant.

Seems Like My Coursemate Was Expelled From Covenant University...

So i studied computer science, started in '09 and had a coursemate called David. He is dark, wore contacts and was a former Revo Officer (police of the school)...i'm pretty sure he is the MSc student that was expelled...sad. Anyway this is a confirmation of the my post yesterday about  Covenant University students being expelled. See more tweets below

Kim Appears Braless In Paris

I don't know if she did it on purpose or it was a wardrobe malfunction. Earlier in the day, Kim had stepped out with this exact outfit but with a nude bra. But in the evening, she headed for dinner with the same outfit...but braless. See more pics below,

One Dies As Roof Crashes On Pupils, Teacher

The sad incident happened on Monday in Ilara community, in the Ogijo area of Ogun State. The roof of a school building crashed on three pupils and a teacher of the school. The five-block building was said to have been built around 1955 when the school was established.

A 10-year-old Primary five pupil, Fibian Lawal, died on the spot, the other victims were taken to some hospitals in the area and were said to be in critical conditions.

The teacher, identified simply as Ms Onanuga, was taking the pupils in a lesson shortly after school hours when the roof came crashing down

A pupil of the school and classmate of late Fibian, Adijat Ohize, explained that the roof crashed on the pupils and the teacher. She said,

 “We had finished school but we were all waiting for lesson when it began to rain. The other teachers left the school and their pupils, but our aunty did not leave.
“The rain was blowing into the classroom and our aunty said we should all run to a private school beside our school.

Court Stops AIT, NTA From Showing Damaging Video On APC's Osinbajo

Remember the post about AIT being paid money to show a documentary that would damage Osinbajo and Buhari's reputation? Well, it seems the post is true as new reports indicate that they have been stopped from doing so.

A federal high court sitting in Lagos has restrained Africa Independent television (AIT), Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) and the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) against hearing any damaging video against APC vice-presidential candidate, Yemi Osinbajo. 

For a number of weeks, AIT and NTA aired a documentary on Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of APC, detailing his “many atrocities” while in power as head of state. 

This was then followed by a similar video chronicling a series of alleged financial misconduct against Bola Tinubu, an APC leader and former governor of Lagos. 

Nigerians Protest Against DSTV Subscription Price Increase

MultiChoice Africa, the owners of DStv and GOtv, on March 3, 2015, announced a price increase for DStv's subscription. It will take effect from April 1, 2015.

And Nigerians on the other hand are not smiling at all, they are protesting on BBM platforms saying Multichoice have definitely bitten more than they can chew this time, Read what is being sent to users on BBM below,

DSTV Enough Is Enough!! Fellow Nigerians, let's ALL boycott DSTV & GoTv services of MultiChoice Nig Ltd from April 1st 2015 for their planned & exploitative tariff increase which they want to FOIST on the over 2 million subscribers they have in Nigeria on April 1st 2015 (See front pg 9/3/15 Guardian newspaper). 
Enough is ENOUGH! Nigerians will ​no longer tolerate this! We will ​no longer tolerate the lack of Pay-as-you-Watch services they offer in South Africa & other countries but in Nigeria they keep our accounts run​ning even when ​we travel & there is no-one at home to utilize the service even though they know these Countries have less subscribers/population than Nigeria. 
They must implement PAY-AS-U-WATCH in Nigeria on April 1st & lower tarifs, ​we insist on it, ​we are not April Fools! They must make that Pay-as-u-watch service EASY for Nigerians to access with ​no tricks or long queues to sign up  for it. ​ 
No more substandard decoders!! Their monopolostic exploitative tendencies must end in Nigeria! As the Arab Spring brought change of Govt in the Middle East, this "DSTV Spring" must bring change, better services & lower prices come April 1st 2015 if ​we all unite as one! PLEASE re-broadcast this to everyone on your WhatsApp, BBm & WeChat contact list, Tweet it, post it on your FB Status till our VOICE is heard & heeded to in their South African Head Office & this is done, Change Must Come! 
DSTV Enough is Enough!
See the new prices after the cut

Inspire Me

In The Name Of Fashion

Ladies, Can you rock?

Question Of The Night


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