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More PICS From The AMVCAs

My DSTV subscription expired oh, so i sadly missed watching the award ceremony live.  How was it? Epic or Just random? Is it still ongoing?
Btw that is Genny on the red carpet. See more pics below

Rape or Not Rape? (Read Story)

The lady above shared a story of how a guy raped her on twitter. And somehow it became a serious argument with people claiming she was not raped because in the end it seemed like she enjoyed it....Does it actually work that way? Read her story below

Yoruba Kings Pray For GEJ At Ile-Ife (See PIC)

After showing off his jogging skills in Abuja this morning, GEJ flew down to Ile-Ife with a Nigerian Air Force NAF-280 chopper, to receive royal blessings from some Yourba Kings at the palace of Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade. 

Bobbi Kristina Brown's Cousin To Release Video For Her

Her cousin shared the info on his instagram page. I'm not sure if it's a musical video

Check Out Susan Peters' Outfit To The AMVCAs + More PICS

Stunning lady! Cute or Cute?
The 2015 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards is going down right now! See more pics from the event below

PICS Of GEJ Jogging In Abuja This Morning

...the man behind him looks like Buhari sha. See more pics below

Is This For Real?? (See PIC)

Meet The Woman Who Had Sex With 919 Men In 12 hours; Breaks World Record

Her name is Lisa Sparks and on the 16th of October 2004, the American porn star set a new world record for having sex with the most men in a single day during the annual World Gang Bang Championship in Poland . Lisa competed against two other women, Polish porn star Marianna Rokita and a Brazilian named Patricia. Marianna was the former world record holder who had sex with 759 men in a day. 

Lisa achieved the new record by having sex with 919 men over a period of 12 hours. Meaning she spent only about 45 seconds having sex with each man.

Responding to a  question  about her 2004 World Gangbang Record, Lisa said,
“The record is 919. It was set in ’04 in Poland. I had a blast… a little sore for a few weeks but I had fun. It was kind of like an out of body experience to be able to finish without stopping. 
The event was suppose to take place at an adult convention. However the Polish government wanted nothing to do with it. So it was a fun cat and mouse chase. I was a little nervous checking in at the airport, going through customs. I figured the Polish Government would catch up with us there. However nothing happened and I was more than happy to be on a plane for a 13 hour flight back home.”

"I Don't Have A Boyfriend Cause I'm Too Young To Have One"-Chidinma

23-year old Chidinma Ekile had an interesting interview recently with Sun Newspaper. The pretty diva came into fame in 2010 when she won MTN Project fame, Read excerpts from her interview below:

How did you get to know about Project Fame?
I heard about the academy through a friend of mine who helped me out, stood by me and encouraged me that I could do it. I told my mother about it but I was afraid to tell my daddy because I knew he would never give me the go-ahead. So, I told my mum to help speak on my behalf but she was like ‘no, you know the kind of man your father is, I can’t face him o’. 
Later, I went to his room and I was talk­ing to him from behind the door because I just couldn’t face him to explain myself. Then he asked me, ‘what is it?’ I told him about the competition and he asked who the organisers were and I told him that it was MTN. 
Luckily for me, every­thing happened like a miracle after my explanation and my father gave me his nod. My mother was surprised and she said I was very lucky. I was so excited I couldn’t believe that my father had just given me the go-ahead because at times, when I returned late from choir practise, he would lock me out and I would sleep outside.

Photo Of The Morning: Osaze Odemwingie & His Look-Alike Son


Seyi Shay Explains The 'Seducing Mr. President' PIC

Last Sunday. Pres. Jonathan met with about 5000 youths at Eko Hotel. Lots of entertainers were present at the event, however, this picture of Seyi Shay and Mr. President went viral. Reacting to the news that she was trying to seduce Mr. President, Seyi Shay told Punch,
“I am a very respectable young lady and I was not in any way trying to seduce the President with the outfit I wore. I had two outfits for the event, one was for my performance and the other was worn after I performed. The dress I was pictured in with the President was what I wore during my performance. 
“I came on stage and greeted everyone according to their culture and I did the same for Mr. President. He was impressed and he asked where and how I knew how to greet in his native dialect and I said I learnt it. That was what brought about the giggling and smiles in the picture. I’m a performer and what I do on stage doesn’t reflect my everyday life. I had two outfits on that day and it was a youth event. Who wouldn’t feel overwhelmed meeting the President? Well, I did and I felt honoured because it is not every day you get to meet the president of your country,” 
Btw, can you spot the other woman in the pic too? She tried to 'seduce' Mr. President a while back...

"It’s No Crime To Be Broke" –Azadus

You remember him? He became popular with his hit song, "You is the One" in the late 1990s. But after the song, nothing spectacular was heard from him again. In a recent interview with Punch, He explained the reason behind his 'break'. He said,
 “It is obvious I left Kennis because my contract with them expired and my career dwindled. When I was with Kennis Music, all hands were on deck to push my music out but now that I am on my own, everything is left to me. But the major reason I was out of the limelight was because I was attacked by armed robbers. I was shot in my neigbhourhood at FESTAC. I was away from music for over a year because I was hospitalised. That was what affected me. I could not move freely because I lost faith in the security around where I was staying. I hardly went out because I was afraid of another attack. I went through a lot of trauma.”

RMD, Rita Dominic & Others At The 2015 AMVCA Nominees Cocktail Party

The 2015 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs), will be holding today, Saturday the 7th of March, 2015.  2face Idibia, P-Square, Don Jazzy and the Mavin Crew will be performing at the event. Also Basketmouth, Tanzanian star, Diamond are confirmed to perform at the event.

IK Osakioduwa and popular Zimbabwean OAP, Vimbai Mutinhiri (who is the host of Star Gist) will be hosts of the award ceremony 

However, the AMVCA 2015 nominee cocktail party held last night. See more pics after the cut

Can You Identify The Celeb? (See PIC)

This is very easy, so no clues. That was the actor in his early days at the university. Who is he.....

Is This Appropriate For A Teacher To Wear...

lol! are there actually teachers that wear heels to class?

Is This Justified? Mob Breaks Into Prison; Beats Rapist To Death (Graphic PICS)

Lots of angry Indians swarmed the streets to  kill a man who was suspected of being a rapist.

First of all they broke into a prison, kidnapped the man, stripped him naked and mercilessly beat him to death in front of the crowd.

Taking Justice into their own hands, they overpowered security at the Central Jail in the city of Dimapur and grabbed the man who apparently raped a female student multiple times last month.

According to local media reports, the man died while being dragged four miles through the streets as people beat and threw stones at him
The alleged rapist has been identified as a 35-year-old used car trader, according to The Indian Express. 

I know there are serious cases of rape in Indian and this guy was said to have raped his victim multiple times...but is this justified? See more pics after the cut

Oyinbo People Don Dey Do NYSC (See PIC)

Check Out Angelina Jolie Without Make-Up

Is it just me or does the actress look like Bruce Jenner?....can you see the resemblance? 
The 39-year old was pictured shopping in Beverly Hills at Saint Laurent.
More pics below

See The 8-Month Pregnant Woman With The Flattest Stomach Ever!

Her name is Sarah Stage and the 30-year old lingerie model is 8-months pregnant! Unbelievable right? See more amazing pics after the cut

Kim K Looks Like A Ghost In New PICS

What is Kanye making her wear these days sef? Kim looked 'one-kin' in these new pics. That's what she wore on Friday evening. You feeling it? See more pics below

Toyin Lawani Rocks White Braids & See-Through Dress For Her Birthday (See PICS)

Fashionista, Toyin Lawani celebrated her birthday party on Sunday the 1st of March, 2015.She had three parties, i doubt they all held on the same day though. Check out pics from the three parties after the cut

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