Saturday, August 22, 2015


I have a feeling
That I can comprehend
In my deepest thoughts your are
More than just a friend!

Yayyy!!!! Hey guys.....*clears throat* *cleans dusty keyboard*...*covers face*.....i know i owe everyone plenty apologies and lots of explanations...will do that really soon :-)...please do bear with me ....
Meanwhile, our very own Professor, NDY got married to his sweet heart, Eberechi, traditionally on the 14th of this month! Big congrats to you Ndy!!! Thanks for being a true friend :-)

The super cute guy graciously decided to share his Love Story with us as well as his Wedding Pictures. Do sit back and enjoy! :-)

How We Met

We met in Port Harcourt, in the Post Graduate hostel of University of Port Harcourt on the 28th of October 2010. We fell in love after few months of friendship & secret admiration as well as exchange of poems...especially by me...infact 99% by

Who fell first?

I would say she!!!! :-)

We kindda bumped into each other in the hostel & just exchanged pleasantries.. But something kindda sparked in our hearts cause we always bumped into each other afterwards and subsequently looked forward to bumping into each other lol.

When you bumped into her the first time...did anything fall off..and then you had to pick it up...and then you looked into her eyes and voila! were in love?

Well i can't recall if she was holding anything or if anything fell sha, but i was too engrossed in admiring the babe i bumped into lol!

When exactly did you realize you were in love with her?

A couple of weeks after i met her and i didn't see her for some time.
I realized that i missed her and that i always looked forward to spending sometime with her.


In some way...i always felt complete when i was with her & something inside me kept saying she was my missing rib :-)

Their Traditional Wedding held on Friday the 14th of August 2015.

Here comes the bride!

Their White Wedding holds on Saturday the 12th of September 2015! We are all invited! :-)

I cannot be anything else but yours,
My love for you will never waver,
My heart, my soul, my whole being is yours.
I love you, my dear, now and forever..

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