Wednesday, July 15, 2015

True or False: 'Why Ladies Suffer Heart Break'

Most times ladies say all guys are they same (Meaning they are players and cheat). However, this could be as a result of makeup and alterations to pics.

These days most people meet via social networks(BMM, facebook, instagram, twitter etc),So alot of girls now over-package their pics before they post them online. Thanks to all the photo editing apps on smart phones these days, They can change the skin colour, remove all spots, stretch marks etc.

Now a guy sees your pics and contacts you either via Facebook, Instagram etc. You start to chat, from there you give number. You start talking on the phone. He invests alot of time and energy on the person he saw on the social network.

Then you are becoming attracted to him, You emotions might even get involved. You finally meet, he discovers you look different from the pics . Most guys wont tell you, they just play along. But from that moment, they know nothing serious will ever come out of this. You are still carried away in love and excitement, while the guy knows its just going to be about sex.

You sleep with him, and you fall more for him. You even take of more of you make up now. Now you are looking forward for something serious to come out of it, while the guy knows its just sex.

You think your his gf now, while he is looking for another and just keeps you for the sex. This can last for years and it will still end nowhere. By the time you discover he is not serious, instead of you to learn your lesson, you go back and edit your pics the more to make him jealous. In the process, another guy will see the new pics and come for you. 

Now, you will say the other guy is a player, but you are the player. You play guys with fake enhanced pics online.

So i urge you girls, Try as much as possible to put your true and natural pics on your social network pages, so that anyone who is saying hi to you knows who they are coming for. I hope this saves a girl some heart break.

Credit:  osile2012

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