Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Must Read: Vagina Power

Post by celebrity fashion stylist, Jeremiah Ogbodo 

Most of us men are sexist, we are scared of sharing power because we don't want to lose our power and privilege.
Not realising that sharing power will only double it.
Women have been oppressed for so long that men are scared of women.
Treating women like sh*t is the best way to destroy your soul, because women are half of humanity and the gods of our reality.
Here let my sister explain :) "Men want a woman with sexual experience, but can't stand to think about how she got that experience.
They will shame her if she's horrible in bed, and shame her if she's super.
They want the power to discuss and debate about her body but try to shame her for discussing or debating about it, herself.
They are proud to say they've conquered her, but want her to be ashamed of being conquered.
Sex is okay if they want it, but not if she wants it.
Vagina has always had power, but they will try to make her forget how powerful it is by making her afraid and ashamed when she uses that power and even when she harnesses it.
As long as you have a vagina ladies.. you RUN THE UNIVERSE.
Don't let these fragile men make you feel shamed."

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