Thursday, July 16, 2015

Must Read: "I Asked “What Are We?”... And Karma Replied"

Isn’t it funny that I have dated only two and a half guys yet I have had uncountable number of heartbreaks?

During my freshman year in the university. I met a guy I will be referring to as Victor for the purpose of this post. Can’t remember how we met but he was a medical student, two years ahead of me.

My affection for Victor drove me into attending night classes. I hardly opened my books or rather, I read only from 9pm – 10pm. The rest of my night was spent with my head wedged on Victor’s thighs. Naahhh, we were not doing what you are thinking.

In essence, I gave up my comfortable bed in the school hostel to sleep on a hard bench with Victor’s thigh as my pillow just because I couldn’t get enough of his company.

Victor was not asking me out and that singular reason was why I never bothered to ask him if he had a girlfriend.

During one of our night class, he tapped me from sleep around 3am and said we should go for a walk outside. We found an abandoned well, far from class blocks and sat on it. Then he started stroking my palms slowly. Before I knew it, we were kissing like hungry lions.

Yayyyyyyyyyyy! LoL

When we were done feasting on each other lips, neither of us said a word. We just walked back to the class like it never happened. Same thing happened every other night. Victor would say, “Let’s go out for fresh breeze.” and once we sighted the well which was our aphrodisiac, we would begin to chop tongue and teeth and then return to the back-seat in class to cuddle.

In the early hours of one morning, while my head was still on Victor’s thighs, I heard a female voice talking to him. She was addressing him as baby and when I opened my eyes faintly, she placed her palm on my neck to gauge my temperature.
“How is the headache?” She asked calmly.
“I’m . . .okay.” I stuttered, not sure of what was going on.
Then she said Victor told her I was having migraine that’s why I fell asleep on his thighs, that she was a 300L pharmacy student and I should come by her hostel (she gave me the address) if I don’t feel better in the day so she could give me drugs.
As soon as she left, I gave Victor a puzzled look and he said Chichi is his girlfriend of two years.
I was speechless. I just broke free from his grip and told him I needed to return to my hostel.

Later that day, I went to see Chichi mostly out of curiosity – to see what Victor saw in her. She hosted me nicely, gave me drugs for my non-existent migraine, invited me to her birthday, introduced me to her clique of friends, and told me I can always come by her extra cosy hostel to stay since she hardly slept there. She was so nice to me!

I should have called off the illegal friendship between her boyfriend and I but rather, we still followed each other about and I still made out with him during night classes. I tried to stay away but I was already falling in love, lust or whatever it was and I had self-control issues back then. Each time I asked “Why not take Chichi to this party instead of me?” or “Why don’t you guys study together?” He waved a hand at me dismissively and said she was okay with me around him.

On the last day of the semester, Chichi called me to say Victor and I looked better together. Her tone was sad and when I asked if everything was alright, she sighed and told me she will talk to me later. I felt unsettled so I called Victor and he invited me over to his house for the first time. I took my biggest suitcase along so I could drop it with him before travelling home since the hostels in campus were not safe from break-ins during the holidays.

I barely settled on his mattress when he started kissing me. This time, I felt his fingers on my zipper. That was when I grabbed his hands and asked, 

He moved away from me and remained still. When I picked up my bag and walked out of his house, he didn’t try to stop me.
Neither of us called each other during the holidays.
ASUU strike caught up with us and extended the already long holiday by four months.
The week FG finally gave in and a new resumption date for my school was announced, Victor called and I was really ecstatic to hear from him. He said Chichi and him broke up during the holidays and he couldn’t wait to see me. All the feelings I had for him resurfaced and I began counting the days to our resumption date.

My second port of call as soon as I arrived town was his house to get my suitcase. Even though it was almost 8 at night, I tried to look my best for a prospective boyfriend with the expectation that he was going to pop the small question.
Once I got to his house, he hugged me tightly, said I smell nice and dashed out to answer a phone call. I waited and waited in his nepaless house but he didn’t return. I stepped out after thirty minutes to ask his neighbours of his whereabouts and one of them said they saw him mounting an okada.
I called him on a phone but he said he had an emergency to attend to and I should wait for him if I can. Before I could say a word, the line went dead. That was when the state govt placed a 9pm ban on okadas so I practically dragged my suitcase in the dark, lonely path to school which was a twenty five minutes walk.

When I approached my hostel, tired and sweaty, I saw a familiar figure holding hands with a girl. On closer inspection, I found out it was my Victor and another freshman in my hostel.

To cut the long story short, I demanded to know why he kept me waiting and he quickly introduced the girl as his new girlfriend, and added today is her birthday. I had to wish the boyfriend snatcher a happy birthday with a teary eyes even though I didn’t mean it.
My friends spent the first month of the semester consoling me. I later learnt they met during the long holidays and guess what, the new girl tried to bestie me like his former girlfriend did to.

This post is dedicated to all the husband snatchers and wife snatchers. Karma will be with you shortly. Who else has a karma story to share in the comment box? It could be personal or that of someone.

Credit: Naijasinglegirl

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