Saturday, July 18, 2015

Is This Funny? See What Linda Posted

So Linda Ikeji posted the above with that caption. It's a story of a guy whose daughter was posted to Yobe and he went to Mount Zion to pray that his daughter be redeployed to Lagos. It happened...and the man feels only God could have done that. For some reasons, Linda feels it's funny....she's of the opinion that God has no time to be reposting people. You think so? I would like to think God has time to tell Nepa to bring the light when i ask Him to. I feel He even has time to show me how to style my hair in the morning before going to 

What say you? Does God get involved in flimsy stuff? Does He make sure you put on a particular color of nail polish? Does He make sure you put the right amount of salt in moin moin? Does He make sure you wear a particular type of pant/boxers? Is there a limit to what God gets involved in?


  1. Linda should shaa not be for gay marriage o. She looks like someone that would want it in naija

  2. My dear sister, Linda Ikeji has not delved into the knowledge and reality of who God is, and I pray that by God's Grace, she will get to know the breath, height and depth of God's love for us all. Even after asking God to help with light matter, God has helped me with so many things. He said in His Word that He guides, He leads, He directs, not just in 'church ' matters, but in ALL things! The Word also says that we are condemned no more, which also translates into saying that we are not belittled anymore, so whatever we do, God by His Nature is interested. Because He loves us. Shalom.




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