Friday, July 31, 2015

MUST READ: 'Gloria, Will You Marry Me?' 3

In case you missed it, read Episode 1 and Episode 2

Episode 3

Our second date – or our first proper date actually, was going to be great. I had it all planned out. There was this cosy little restaurant a few kilometres from the city, it was the perfect place. The only reason I knew about it was because Molade had asked me to take her there once. I went to the place and scoped it out, found out it was very expensive. I cooked up some excuse and ditched Molade. Now I was glad she introduced me to the place.

True or False Guys?

Twitter Users Blast Meek Mill's "Wanna Know" Diss Track

Choi! Meek's "Wanna Know" track is already trending and people are not liking it at all!
See more memes and tweets after the cut + listen to the song if you are yet to

Project Smile :-)

Meek Mill Finally Responds To Drake With His Own Diss Track (Listen To It)

I'm sure you all know the drama going on between Drake, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj. Meek has finally dropped his own diss track. Check out how The Verge is reporting it below,

Over a week after Meek Mill first called out Drake for allegedly having a ghostwriter, the Philly rapper has responded with his own diss record, "Wanna Know". The track follows two records from Drake — "Charged Up" and "Back to Back Freestyle" — that put Meek's back against the wall. Everyone expected a response from Meek Mill earlier this week on Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex's show that never transpired. Meek Mill and his team began dropping hints this afternoon (yesterday) that the track would finally be released tonight, and on Flex's show no less. Now that Meek has responded, the biggest beef in hip hop is in full swing.
Drake will surely respond with his own record in the next few days, but Meek is in the game now, and this battle is just getting started. Is "Wanna Know" good enough to dig Meek Mill out of the 2-0 hole he's up against? Can Meek Mill really win a battle against Drake? And more importantly, what does Nicki Minaj think of all this?
Listen to Wanna Know after the cut and do tell us if you think he did a better job

Fayose Claims He Was Once A Danfo Driver; Nigerians Blast Him! (See Comments)

While speaking yesterday at the swearing-in of new state executive members of the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria, Fayose mentioned that he was once a "danfo driver". In his words,
“Please, I want to commend you for contributing immensely to the development of the state’s economy, but don’t allow yourselves to be used by evil doers. You can see that some kidnappers were paraded recently. Information from them revealed that they have been using some of your members. 
“I was once a driver like you. I used the money I got from driving to sponsor myself for HND at Ibadan Polytechnic, but I did not get desperate. All I’m saying is that being a driver you can make it in life. You will become what you want to become in life with hard work. Don’t join evil gang for you to get rich overnight, try and rise through the ladder like we did.”
“Though I am part of you, if you breach the law, I won’t save or spare you. You will be arrested and prosecuted by the security agents,” 
Trust Nigerians to blast him. Read some of their comments below,

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ladies, Imagine This Happened On Your Wedding Day...

Yikes! What would you do?

a. Pretend nothing happened and continue with the ceremony...after all everyone has seen it already
b. Put off your veil and try to tie it round your waist
c. Laugh it off
d. Ask boo to snap and upload on Fb..

Check Out What I Saw In My Tantalizers' Food Pack

I don't know if it's just me that has a problem with this fast food. They are the closest to my work place and as such, i have no option but to patronize them when i really need to get snacks and all that. Their customer service is cool though, but their food is not it at all. And the environment is just it's not conducive per se. Sometimes i wonder why they are still in business.

My experience with them yesterday was funny. I had gone to buy toast bread from them and as usual, when you buy stuff they put serviette paper in your food pack

On getting to the office, i pulled out the bread to eat and i discovered that the serviette paper they kept inside had "KFC" (Kentucky Fried Chicken) stamp on it, lol. Meaning their food is so terrible that possibly a staff, went to buy from KFC and forgot to trash their serviette paper. Another staff mistakenly took it and added it to my food pack. I don't know if there is any other explanation for this though...or is Tantalizers now in partnership with KFC?

I'm not sure if other branches of Tantalizers do better in terms of food and all that. But i personally wouldn't recommend this particular branch to anyone.

In your own opinion, which fastfood in 9ja is the worst in terms of service, food quality, neatness and all that?

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Friday, July 24, 2015

MUST READ: 'Gloria, Will You Marry Me?' 2

In case you missed it, read Episode 1

Episode 2

One week had passed since I got Gloria’s number but I was yet to call her. 
I did not forget, in fact, I remembered everyday but something inhibited me. Something that had consumed me so many other times with so many girls, maybe Gloria was just like any of them. But it turns out she was not.

Must Read: When He Farts On The First Date


Someone should please explain to me how guys reason because I don’t understand.

Why do guys think that they can do anything and still get away with it?. I don’t give a rat’s ass if the recent statistics show that the ratio of women to men is 3:1. Neither do I care if guys are in high demand and there are not enough of them to go round.  It’s no excuse, okay?.

What happened to me should never happen to any lady and single girl should ever have to go through what I went through…

PICS From Wizkid's All White Yacht Party

Wizzy had an all white party after the MAMAs in Durban,South Africa. More pics after the cut

Kylie Jenner Graduates High School (See PICS)

I thought they were home schooled or something?...oh well...more pics below

PICS: Couple Caught Having Sex Inside Phone Booth

A very weird British couple were pictured having sex in broad day light, inside a glass phone booth.

30-year old Gavin Wain and 41-year old Lisa Kerley made headlines around the UK this week for their act.
However, the couple seem not to be ashamed at all. Infact they even granted an interview!

They defended their actions to news outlets, saying they were surprised at the backlash over the natural deed. In their words,
"I didn't think anyone could see us,"
"I don't think we have done anything wrong. We both like it outdoors and no one got hurt."
The couple got "in the mood" after drinking. When they passed a phone booth, Garvin asked if Lisa wanted "a quickie." ...She agreed and they got on with it.

A passing motorist who was angry snapped pictures of the couple in the act.

The couple of one year, who is not sorry for their act, claims to have had sex everywhere from canals to fields, 
"We like having sex outdoors. It's healthy and gives you an extra buzz."
More pics below + a clip of their interview

Project Smile :-)

My neighbor, Emeka, knocked at his door at midnight. His Wife shouted from inside the house,
"Go back to where you are coming from!"

Emeka replied, 'Open the door or I will throw my body into the swimming pool!'

His Wife shouted, 'Go ahead and kill yourself, do you think I care?'

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

This Girl Gave This Boy Her Number....

Check Out The Man Who Ate So Much For Just N625 (See PICTURES)

His name is Juma Kabigi and according to  Daily Monitor, he was named the winner of a food competition in Uganda. And what was the prize money? 10, 000 Ugandan shillings which =  $3 which = £2, which = N625! lol
The man ate many things: three loaves of bread, (not slices of bread but loaves!) eight chapatis, 10 eggs, two raw cabbages, four apples and two bundles of raw green vegetables.

In the end he won 10, 000 Ugandan shillings i.e  N625 for all his trouble.

See more pics below

AY Shows Off His Wife Without Wigs (See PICS)

She's cute! Which do you prefer though? Wigs or without wigs?

MUST WATCH: New Godwin Dance Alert (MTN Project Fame)

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rolayo's Journal: "About Words"

Rolayo's Journal is the very interesting story of a young lady. It's a journal that showcases what she passes through- the fun times, the not-so-fun times, the temptations and the trials of her every day life. It's a journal being kept for her unborn child who she plans to call-"Kikelomo"....It's being featured on this blog occasionally on Tuesdays...or Thursdays. Just incase you missed the last journal entry you could catch up HERE

Here's the 37th journal entry...Enjoy!

Title: "About Words"

Dear Kike,

How is it that people come up with weird ways to express their feelings? We have lips to say what we need to say and hearts from which to say them from. So sometimes we may wonder why we need punchlines to pass across a point. Let me explain with an example: Boy sees girl walking past looking nice and fresh. Boy scopes girl. Boy feels he likes girl. Then boy walks up to girl and says these words, “I just saw you walking past and I thought to myself, ‘gosh! She’s beautiful’. I want you to be the mother of my children.” Girl flees! Haha! This happened to me, and the guy was fresh oo, but chai!, that was too far. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Full List Of Winners + More PICS #MTVMAMAS 2015

Best Male
AKA (South Africa)
Davido (Nigeria) – WINNER
Diamond (Tanzania)
Sarkodie (Ghana)
Wizkid (Nigeria)

Best Female
Bucie (South Africa)
Busiswa (South Africa)
Seyi Shay (Nigeria)
Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania)
Yemi Alade (Nigeria) – WINNER

Saturday, July 18, 2015

PICS From The 2015 MTV's Africa Music Awards (MAMA)

MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) KwaZulu-Natal 2015, is going down right now, at Durban International Convention Centre (ICC), KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Lots of 9ja celebs are there. Check out more pics from the event below

Rihanna Steps Out In Pyjamas....

It can only be Rihanna! lol. The singer wore this outfit last night as she went to a recording studio. More pics below

Singer Orezi Weds! (See PICS)

The 'Rihanna' crooner got engaged yesterday and had his wedding today! These are pics from his engagement. See another after the cut

Stephanie Linus Rocks Her Baby Bump In Stylish Outfit! (See PIC)

The beautiful actress is expecting her first child with her hubby

In The Name Of Fashion

The glamour model reportedly went to meet the Pope, but is led away by security guards because she wasn't wearing a bra.
Full pic after the cut

Nollywood Actor, Bruno Iwuoha Goes Partially Blind; Needs Your Help

New reports indicate that popular Nollywood actor, Bruno Iwuoha, is partially blind as a result of diabetes. He was a guest at the radio station, 104.5FM on the Brekete Family Program in Abuja recently where he talked about his battle with diabetes and how he has been fighting glaucoma for years without money for corrective surgery.

He said he didn't know he had diabetes until he was involved in an armed robbery attack that left him in the hospital. Tests were carried out on him, which led to them discovering he had diabetes. In his words,
“I’ve gone to so many places; within the country, outside the country for treatment, until finally…finally, the thing [diabetes] claimed one of my sight. As I look at you now, I’m using only one sight. They call that glaucoma. And gradually, it’s affecting the other one [eye]. So, naim make, apart from places…the people who call me atimes, both the little cash they can give me…drugs and all that…but I discovered that this thing [the illness] is a lifetime something. 
And it has robbed me of the job [acting]. And now, if I get a script, it will be hard for me to read it very well. And if I read it, if I strain my eyes for so long, it would look as if someone would lead me around the house or anywhere I want to go because it will affect the only one [eye]. So that’s my problem.”

Weird Fact....

Is This Funny? See What Linda Posted

So Linda Ikeji posted the above with that caption. It's a story of a guy whose daughter was posted to Yobe and he went to Mount Zion to pray that his daughter be redeployed to Lagos. It happened...and the man feels only God could have done that. For some reasons, Linda feels it's funny....she's of the opinion that God has no time to be reposting people. You think so? I would like to think God has time to tell Nepa to bring the light when i ask Him to. I feel He even has time to show me how to style my hair in the morning before going to 

What say you? Does God get involved in flimsy stuff? Does He make sure you put on a particular color of nail polish? Does He make sure you put the right amount of salt in moin moin? Does He make sure you wear a particular type of pant/boxers? Is there a limit to what God gets involved in?

Friday, July 17, 2015

Riddle Of The Day

Any idea...

MUST READ: 'Gloria, Will You Marry Me?'

The first time I saw her, she was a cute seven old receiving an award for best student in her class. I had gone to her school with my parents for my sister’s graduation from primary school. I was an eleven year old myself, and I had just completed my first year in secondary school. I knew there was something special about this girl but my little eleven year old brain could not figure it out.

Project Smile :-)

On that fateful day, Amanda was on her way to school when a motor cycle knocked her down!

She was rushed to a nearby hospital immediately.

That night in her dream, an old woman in white garment appeared to her and warned her sternly that:
"As soon as you are discharged from the hospital, you must wash the blood stains from that cloth you wore that day you were involved in an accident otherwise something terrible may happen to YOU!"

True or False?

Ehen? Does it work this way?

Who Should Become Uniben Face Of Campus 2015? (See Contestants' PICS)

See more pics after the cut and do tell us your favourite

Osinbajo Visits Covenant University (See PICS)

Last Saturday, the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo and Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El Rufai were at Covenant University Ota, Ogun State, for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (#TEEP) bootcamp event. See more pics below

You Agree Guys? (See PIC)

Would you rather be absolutely stupid than boring?

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Must Read: "I Asked “What Are We?”... And Karma Replied"

Isn’t it funny that I have dated only two and a half guys yet I have had uncountable number of heartbreaks?

During my freshman year in the university. I met a guy I will be referring to as Victor for the purpose of this post. Can’t remember how we met but he was a medical student, two years ahead of me.

My affection for Victor drove me into attending night classes. I hardly opened my books or rather, I read only from 9pm – 10pm. The rest of my night was spent with my head wedged on Victor’s thighs. Naahhh, we were not doing what you are thinking.

Hmmm...True or False?? agree?

Project Smile :-)

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

True or False: 'Why Ladies Suffer Heart Break'

Most times ladies say all guys are they same (Meaning they are players and cheat). However, this could be as a result of makeup and alterations to pics.

These days most people meet via social networks(BMM, facebook, instagram, twitter etc),So alot of girls now over-package their pics before they post them online. Thanks to all the photo editing apps on smart phones these days, They can change the skin colour, remove all spots, stretch marks etc.


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