Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why 'Uduak' Is Trending On Twitter

Very weird story...and one-sided we can't really say if she's telling the truth. Anyway, the girl above, Uduak, a Nigerian girl leaving in Dubai, claims that a boy who goes by the name Ayotunde Oluwaseyi, is in the business of deceiving ladies. He starts by famzing the lady, then he sends fake credit card details to them, making the ladies believe that he's giving them money. Later he asks for their nude pictures and then goes about saying all sorts about them. He decided to try it on a girl named Uduak....and then the story changed, lol! Read what happened below,

And then she went on to write,

And she releases his 'nude' pics that's why she's trending on twitter!...What do you think is going on here guys? You believe her? Who do you really think is the victim here?

Credit:PeaceBenWilliams Blog

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  1. We all know uduak is a runz girl. She doesn't stay in dubai, she stays in ghana, on a runz vacaton to dubai since last year to see a boyfriend. Is that not madness and joblessness?. Not the guys fault at all, its the way they've been fronting on twitter twitter business girls. Why is the guy dm'in same circle?




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