Wednesday, June 10, 2015

True Love? Can You Do What This Bride Did? (See PICS)

This happened some days back. Read below,

A Lusaka based young man who was two weeks ago involved in a road accident and lost one leg before his wedding, today managed to marry his fiancĂ© in his hospital bed at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) against all odds. 

28-year old Suzyo Muzuri married 27-year old Diniwe Bowa at a wedding service that was conducted by Bethel Christian Center Bishop Andrew Mwenda in Ward 11 at UTH.

The couple exchanged marriage vows in the presence of their families, close friends and patients not by design but circumstances.

More pics below

Mr Muzuri, an accountant at National Milling Company, was involved in an accident that resulted in him losing his right leg two weeks ago. 

Instead of rescheduling the wedding, the couple went ahead and tied the knot as their families and friends witnessed the emotional ceremony, which brought the entire ward to a stand-still.

Mother of the bride Loveness Bowa could not hide her happiness. She said,
“This is an emotional time for the family because instead of the accident breaking the couple, it has remained strong and has refused to be defeated. I am very proud of my daughter and my son-in-law. Theirs is a love story that will stand the test of time,” 
She said instead of listening to concerns from the family after the accident, her daughter remained committed to marrying her husband no matter his physical condition. 

And Bethel City Church bishop Andrew Mwenda said the marriage signified sacrifice, loyalty and commitment. 
“This wedding expresses genuine commitment to one another. My message to the couple is to remain committed even when it seems impossible. 
“Commitment is important. Even when the young man was involved in an accident, she remained by his side,” he said. ‪
The Bride, Diniwe Kimmy Bowa wrote: 
“In all this, I just want to say thank you God for preserving my husband’s life for me….so all the criticism and negative comments have absolutely have no impact on me…It is well with us…We just couldn’t let the devil steal our Joy…He is a liar and forever will be…Thank you guys for the love. ..Our God is able…nothing is ever impossible for Him….”

Can you do what this bride did? My sister said she feels i can, but it's harder said than done you think you can marry your fiancĂ© if he suddenly loses his leg? Hands? Eyes? or maybe Manhood sef...can you?...You think the guy would have married her if it was vice versa?

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