Sunday, June 28, 2015

THS: Does God Make Us Sin?

Today's Talks From Her Study(THS) is based on the earlier article titled, "A Life Like Christ's". I write those articles from a journal. And when i saw it this left me thinking. Seems like everything was planned...i mean everything...satan coming, sinning, falling from heaven, man turning evil...and all of that. Nothing takes God by surprise, because He is God. But then, if God already knows we would sin...why does He get angry when we do sin? Why did he get angry when Adam and Eve sinned even though He knew that it had been designed that they would sin, since it's all part of God's plan....Do we say we sin, because God makes us sin?....Why do we get angry with ourselves when we fall? Because no matter what we would still fall, since it's part of God's plan..He has everything planned...right?

THS is set up not to confuse anyone in anyway, but to enable us have a better understanding of God and His Word.

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  1. Hmmm very deep and thoughtful question yet if one is not careful, it can lead to more doubt of GOD's omniscience.
    God has foreknowledge of our actions because He has already seen out end right from our beginning... so he's just going to sit while we live out the life his has foreknown. hope this doesn't confuse you more.
    God can't change the game because it isn't His game but ours. That's why His Mercies abound to lead us to the end




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