Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pls Advice: To Be A Mistress or Wife No. 2?

Stumbled on this.....What would you advice her to do? Read below guys, 
This is my little story. People are quick to judge any girl that is dating a married man and I am not making excuses for myself, in fact I wanted to leave him because most time I feel bad. His wife does not know about me coz the thing about him is that he is a very good husband and does not give her any reason to be unhappy. 
Everytime I say I want to leave him but it is hard coz I luv him and coz he is really helping my family. He is the one that helped my sister get a job of 250 thousand a month, my brother does not have certificate coz of problems he had in his school so my brother has been jobless since 2009 and my boyfriend made him a site manager at one of his site last year. They will soon finish that site and he is going to make him the menager for the next project too coz my brother is very hardworking. He helped me start my catering business.
I want an office job but I always feel bad about looking for work coz I made a third class so I have always prayed to do my masters, to back up my first degree. Last month he said I should apply for my masters in UK and tell him how much everything will cost, he will pay for it. I am not happy to be dating a married man and I am not proud but if I leave him the truth is I don't know what I will do. 
Also my brother will lose his job. I know that he loves me and he wants to marry me. My problem is if I break up with him we will lose everything, my sister may not lose her job coz it is a multinational so she may be able to keep it. But I don't worry about her too much coz she made 2.1 and with her experience she will be able  to find another work. But I'm worried for my brother and myself, he is the one that takes care of us. I just need advise coz dating a married man is wrong and I want to stop. But he said I should marry him and he has met with my uncle so is it not better to be a second wife than to be a mistress? 
I know that his wife will not be happy and I am not aiming at causing her trouble, but if he wants to marry me then is it so bad? Our parents are late and he is the one that got our apartment so that we can leave our uncle's house. I feel bad about being a mistress and I know it is wrong, and that is why I am thinking maybe I should accept and we can get married. If we marry, his wife will know it won't be a secret. He is a Muslim so he can. I am from christian background but I don't mind. Please what do you think?

Credit: ThelmaThinks 

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  1. It's best to marry him than be his mistress. Since it is allowed in Islam. But can you a Christian bear their Islamic lifestyle




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