Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rolayo's Journal: 'Perception (Part 2)'

Rolayo's Journal is the very interesting story of a young lady. It's a journal that showcases what she passes through- the fun times, the not-so-fun times, the temptations and the trials of her every day life. It's a journal being kept for her unborn child who she plans to call-"Kikelomo"....It's being featured on this blog occasionally on Tuesdays. Just incase you missed the last journal entry you could catch up HERE

Here's the 35th journal entry...Enjoy!

Title: "Perception (Part 2)"

Dear Kike,

Remember my cat print fabric? It has be hidden.... Taken without my consent and put far away from my reach. And it was expensive (*tears*)- 450 naira for the singe yard that I bought. Imagine. In these economically strained times it’s a lot! (to me anyway). All of that is on the side sha.

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Everyone has an oversized opinion of themselves; it is the degree to which this opinion is oversized that is debatable and not the fact that it is. When you find that degree and you can magnify the person’s importance in your life to that degree, you will get whatever you want from that person. You just have to endure their preening while you are at it.

When I sat opposite Ochuko that evening, I saw him in a new light. There’s something that happens to you when the lovey dovey scales fall off your eyes and you truly see a person with some objectivity. Here was a guy with an overinflated opinion of his own irrestability and charm. I decided to play to that gallery. I was saying

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Monday, June 29, 2015

MUST READ: Her Story 5

In case you missed it, read Episode 1,  Episode 2Episode 3 and Episode 4

It’s never wise to try to catch two monkeys simultaneously. You end up losing them both. That is, except one monkey is catching the other for you and that one willingly comes back to you to be caught.

When I got home that evening, Fafa had poured us drinks and was waiting in my favorite night robe.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

THS: Does God Make Us Sin?

Today's Talks From Her Study(THS) is based on the earlier article titled, "A Life Like Christ's". I write those articles from a journal. And when i saw it this morning...it left me thinking. Seems like everything was planned...i mean everything...satan coming, sinning, falling from heaven, man turning evil...and all of that. Nothing takes God by surprise, because He is God. But then, if God already knows we would sin...why does He get angry when we do sin? Why did he get angry when Adam and Eve sinned even though He knew that it had been designed that they would sin, since it's all part of God's plan....Do we say we sin, because God makes us sin?....Why do we get angry with ourselves when we fall? Because no matter what we would still fall, since it's part of God's plan..He has everything planned...right?

THS is set up not to confuse anyone in anyway, but to enable us have a better understanding of God and His Word.

You could view previous THS here

                                                                                                                                       Forever Christ's

A Life Like Christ's

The Cross was no accident 
Jesus' death was not the result of a panicking cosmological engineer. The cross wasn't a tragic surprise. Calvary was not a knee-jerk response to a world plummeting toward destruction. It wasn't a patch-up job or a stop-gap measure. The death of the Son of God was anything but an unexpected peril. 
No! It was part of an incredible plan. A calculated choice. 
The moment the forbidden fruit touched the lips of Eve, the shadow of a cross appeared on the horizon. And between that moment and the moment the man with the mallet placed the spike against the wrist of God, a master plan was fulfilled..

Saturday, June 27, 2015

MUST READ: Her Story 4

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It takes only a little nudge to trigger the creatively evil side in most of us and as I sat there, thinking a million evil thoughts, I knew the correct course of action. So first, I dialed my friend, Farida. We grew up together, but Farida and I were as different as light and dark. I was the plain girl, where she was the hot omalicha nwa. While I worked and made my money myself, Farida had a string of men she called her “bankers” who all worshipped at her feet and with their combined “banking services” made sure she lived an even more luxurious life than I did. If we entered a place and there were ten toasters available, she would get 9.5 (yes, even the one I got would still be eyeing her small small) of them most of the time. In fact, I used to test the seriousness of toasters at one point by simply introducing them to her and seeing if they would switch their attentions to her or not. Of course, they ended up as chasers of two rats – they caught none. In spite of these differences, we were closer than most people thought we were.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

MUST READ: Her Story 3

In case you missed it, read Episode 1 and Episode 2

It does not take as much as most people think it does for love for a person to be transformed into disgust and hatred just as strong. There is truth in the saying that there is a fine line between love and hate and when Ochuko spoke the next set of words, I crossed that line with him. Here’s what he said.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

MUST READ: Her Story 2

In case you missed it, read Episode 1

It doesn’t take as long as most people think it does for your life to change. One moment, you are the happiest spirit in the whole of the Milky Way, and in the next instant, your whole world is shattered into microscopic pieces, and the very thing that was your source of joy becomes the dagger in your heart. I was immobilized, I could not move a limb. I had one of my “moments”. 

My moments are something like this – you know how watershed events tend to make you look through all the past experiences that led to that moment with every minute detail now vividly replaying itself? That’s exactly what happened in the five minutes it took me to recover from being struck deaf and dumb by the shocking blow Ochuko had just dealt me. 

9ineteen Works Takes A Tour Of A Modern Digital Television Station (See PICS)

Teenagers from the NGO 9ineteen Works visited an online television station at Ikeja called Loveworld Plus in the company of Vivian Iweha, Public Relations Manager for Carmudi Nigeria

The tour started with a career talk at the Carmudi office and a question and answer section paneled by Christian Keller, Managing Director Carmudi Nigeria. Here are some pictures from the tour.....see more below

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Question Of The Night...

Which RAT will you kill First? 

You came back from work to see 7 rats..

The 1st Rat was eating your BSC certificate
The 2nd Rat was eating your NYSC certificate
The 3rd Rat was eating your Marriage Certificate.
The 4th Rat was eating your Land and House Document
The 5th Rat was eating your Visa to travel for a multi billion dollar project
The 6th Rat was eating your Bible
The 7th Rat was climbing the cup of water you kept near your Laptop

Which RAT will you kill First? :-)

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rolayo's Journal: 'Perception (Part 1)'

Rolayo's Journal is the very interesting story of a young lady. It's a journal that showcases what she passes through- the fun times, the not-so-fun times, the temptations and the trials of her every day life. It's a journal being kept for her unborn child who she plans to call-"Kikelomo"....It's being featured on this blog occasionally on Tuesdays. Just incase you missed the last journal entry you could catch up HERE

Here's the 34th journal entry...Enjoy!

Title: "Perception (Part 1)"

Dear Kike,

Today, I went fabric shopping!!! Hehee! I don’t know which is more exciting for me; buying clothes, or buying fabric (see me talking like I’m one cash madam like that. Anyway, I claim it!). I had already told my companions that they shouldn’t get upset if we went through the market and I didn't pick anything, because I can be like that a lot of times. If I plan to get something, and I have a clear idea of what I’m looking for, if I don't see that exact thing or something similar, I would probably not just get anything. On the other hand, I have my rare moments of spontaneous purchases.

True or False?

MUST READ: Her Story

It doesn’t actually take as much as most people think it takes to fall in love. I was twenty seven and not so fresh out of school. I graduated at twenty from a Babcock University and was through with NYSC by twenty one. And as if I was walking on some gilded star, I landed a lucrative job as the assistant to the senior assistant to the directors of a major oil and gas firm (yes, assistants have their own assistants ;) ). 

Over time, I have grown in the business, and three years ago, one of the directors decided to venture out on his own when the firm refused to take a risk and pursue a certain deal. As a sharp Lagos girl, I had rightly guessed that the deal was gold and so I moved with him when he set up. It wasn’t easy in that first year, moving from the comfort and certainty of my first office but now, we are a thriving oil and gas firm, and I am the senior assistant to him, the sole owner. I am more or less the next most powerful person in the company after him. And I am just twenty seven with my own house in Lekki Phase 1, a state of the art SUV and an official salon car with my own driver. And yes, I now have my own assistants. I was a bigz girlz, and I enjoyed life to the fullest, like Wizkid sang London today, Lagos tomorrow, Reks baybay lokeloke, omo jaiye jaiye *pauses to play the song and do an Azonto to it :D *.

Cutie Of The Morning

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

THS: Do Mad People Go To Heaven?

This is a question i have been wondering about for a while now.  Do they go to heaven or hell? Does God even judge them at all? Do they account for sins they don't even know they committed?....What happens when mad people die?

You could view previous THS(Talks From Her Study) here


                                                                                                                                       Forever Christ's

Project Smile :-)

According to rumours, an SS2 girl wrote the love letter above to her boo :-)

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Happy Fathers Day Everyone!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Post Of The Morning

Imagine You Got Married...But You Don't Have Enough To Rent A House....

Should people get married like this? Should you not wait to make enough money first?....Can a marriage survive like this?

Why 'Uduak' Is Trending On Twitter

Very weird story...and one-sided too...so we can't really say if she's telling the truth. Anyway, the girl above, Uduak, a Nigerian girl leaving in Dubai, claims that a boy who goes by the name Ayotunde Oluwaseyi, is in the business of deceiving ladies. He starts by famzing the lady, then he sends fake credit card details to them, making the ladies believe that he's giving them money. Later he asks for their nude pictures and then goes about saying all sorts about them. He decided to try it on a girl named Uduak....and then the story changed, lol! Read what happened below,

Any Idea What These Women Are Trying To Say?

Protesting against high taxes?...what's the link?...i'm lost...

Epic Throwback! Check Out Onyeka Onwenu As A Young Lady

Fine woman!

Check Out The First Ladies Of 9ja

Chris Brown Shares Cute PICS Of His Baby Girl

It's funny how he totally ignores her mum...More photos below

In The Name Of Fashion: 17-Year Old Kylie Jenner

"I Never Imagined My 3 Friends Could Gang Rape Me"-19-Year Old Victim

Three friends in the Iju area of Lagos, 25-year old Habeeb Adisa, 25-year old Kehinde Aderinoye  and 27-year old Ilyas Ogundimu  have raped one of their female neighbours, a young woman,who is their close friend in the neighbourhood.

The victim, 19-year-old Adenike (not real name), a hair stylist, volunteered to speak with Saturday PUNCH, saying she summoned the courage to speak about her ordeal because she did not want them to go free and do the same to someone else.

Narrating how she was violated by the three men whom she trusted most in their neighbourhood, Adenike said that not once did she suspect within the two years she knew them that they had such a heinous plan for her.

Calmly, but with a lot of anger and pain showing in her eyes, Adenike said, 
“I became friends with them as neighbours two years ago when my mother first rented an apartment in the area. 
“Kehinde began to make advances to me. But I told him we were friends and did not want to be in a relationship with him. I have always rejected his advances. 
“Later he would tell Habeeb and Ilyas to approach me to appeal on his behalf to accept his proposal, but I made them to understand that I could not go out with him. But we still talked and sat together in the neighbourhood as friends.”

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Post Of The Night

Meet The Man With Over 20 Tattoos Of Miley Cyrus On His Body

A VERY obsessed Miley Cyrus fan spent almost £3,000 in having 29 tattoos dedicated to her, all over his body. The main gist now is that, the guy wants to remove some of them, because Miley tagged them 'creepy' and 'ugly'

His name is Carl McCoid, and the 42-year old father-of-three had his first Miley tattoo in 2010 and since then he has covered his body with 'dedication' portraits of her. He also tattooed some of her lyrics and initials.
The guy went as far as naming one of his daughters after the singer. 


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