Saturday, May 9, 2015

MUST READ: Michael Jackson

After Michael Jackson finished his NYSC, he stepped into the Nigerian Labour Market with a sack full of disdain.

He knew his talent. He was supposed to be the greatest Pop singer ever. But.

But he first had to eat. He was too hungry to sing, to think. Food, clothing, shelter and transport money were needs that constantly punched him in the nose.

Proactive Michael Jackson got a job as Audit Officer with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). They paid well enough. The money met his basic needs but they made him work for it. They drained him of all virtue he had.

He'd leave his rented apartment by 5a.m to beat the lagos traffic and get to work before 8a.m. He'd close by 6p.m and because he couldn't afford a chopper to fly across the jamlock that is Lagos traffic, he'd get home by 10p.m. Everyday. This became his routine.

But he held on to his dreams. Some nights, even though he'd be tired from work and all, he'd write, one or two lines of his future hit-song before sleep befalls him.

One year passes. "I'd resign soon and sing my songs and be the best and do the moonwalk and heal the world. Just let me save enough... just in case, I follow my dreams and fail. I should have something to fall back on." He says.

2 years passes. 3 years. He pays for studio time and goes to hand in his resignation letter. He gets to the office and that's it, he can't hand in the letter... he's just been promoted!
Should he give up his flying career to pursue his dream cum childhood fantasy? Would that be wise? Too idealistic? Optimistic?

As he signed the new five-year bond with PWC, he felt his dream of becoming the greatest Pop singer creep quietly into the deep crevices of his mind... never to resurface.

This Michael Jackson lived a happy life.. an average life.. comfortable... but on his dying bed, in his last moments, he whispered words into the ear of his son...

..Words of what could have been and a name that should have lived on till the end of time.

Now, there was another big fellow that worked as Marketing Manager for GTBank. His name, Floyd Mayweather. Let's not not even get started on what fanciful dream this guy had....

Joe Aito

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