Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mistakes Naija Ladies Make

1. Believing a Guy will change for you

2. Insisting on a Guy who clearly doesn't give a crap about you 

3. Playing hard to get for entirely too long, till you're way past your selling date 

4. Falling for a bad Guy and putting the good guys in the "FRIENDS Z0NE" 

5. Thinking every Guy is like your EX 

6. Shaving off your EYEBRoWS Completely just to draw them back on 

7. Blaming the entire male population for one bad experience

8. Bringing other Gals down because of your own insecurities 

9. Allowing the same Guy to hurt you over and're taken him back for another time. It's you who has a problem not Him

10. Ignoring this update and repeating the same mistakes...over and over again...


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