Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why I Am No Longer Subscribing To DSTV

In the true spirit of change, as exemplified in the recent victory of APC president-elect Buhari, I decided on March 31st to switch my cable TV viewing experience from the Multichoice Nigeria heavyweight DSTV to the newcomer ‘ACTV‘. Here are 5 reasons why I recently disconnected my DSTV:

1. So much more value erosion ~ I work 5 days a week and each day I leave home about 5.30 am and come back afterwards by 9pm. That leaves me about 3 hours to watch cable TV. I suggested to Multichoice that a pay-as-you-go system could be introduced whereby I pay based on the length of time my cable device is on. My suggestion was dropped in a virtual suggestion box where I believe it will remain forgotten. 
2. So much more bouquet discrimination ~ Like many deluded subscribers we’re under the impression we’re getting a good deal when we sign up for the basic bouquet but you soon realize that the juicy channels (movies and SuperSport) come with the premium channel – the most expensive premium in the DSTV arsenal. They know that when its English Premiership football season a lot of economy subscribers who’ve gone astray would come back with their tails between their legs looking to renew x5 times what they’re currently paying. 
3. So much more censorship ~ Back when I was grudgingly paying for the full bouquet of channels, I was stunned to discover that movies were being censored and also edited. I therefore can’t honestly say I’ve seen a full movie until I watch it on an original DVD. Exhibit A – Black Swan. I watched it on DSTV and then had a chat with one of my sisters who recommended it in the first instance. Each time she referred to a particular scene I told her I saw no such thing. It was after I watched Casino I noticed the missing scenes for myself. DSTV, why??? 
4. So much more repeats ~ If I watch movies in week 1 I’m sure to see the same list of movies for the rest of the month. That leaves me with so little choice but DSTV don’t see it that way. Instead of more repeats why not give me an Explora and let me watch all the U.S. TV series in my spare time. I’ve been a DSTV customer for 4 years but I’ve been informed that I do not qualify for the PVR decoder which also allows you to pause, rewind and record programmes…even after all the high premiums I’ve paid. I feel robbed. 
5. So much more price hikes ~ Last month there were rumours that Multichoice would be increasing their tariffs yet again in Nigeria. Today I can confirm that this is actual fact. This April prices will defy gravity and stay on the up. See the full story on I discovered an interesting twitter handle – @BoycottDSTVNG and I also signed a petition which still needs 17 more people to hit a target of 200. There’s strength in numbers. Enough is enough!!!
Article written by The crazy nigerianSomeone commented saying,

DStv blocks the word “God” on every single channel including the Christian ones. So, if I’m watching a pastor preaching everytime he says the word “God” I’ll just hear silence. DStv Nawaa. I thought I was the only one that noticed.
I'm not sure i have ever noticed that though. Have you? Do they really censor the word 'God'?


  1. I'm also yet to notice that. If they ever do that to God then bye bye to them

  2. Its very true. Still talked about it yesterday when I saw it.




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