Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pls Advice:"See What I Found On His iCloud Account"

I found this here. What would you advise her to do?? Read below,
Please I need your advice, I needed to extract pictures from my phone so I decided to go to my icloud folder on my laptop not knowing that the info on there was my husbands, as I opened the folder the first pics i saw were pictures of his private part and also pictures of another girls private parts (he obviously sent and received those pictures and deleted them, but icloud saves everything) I calmly asked him about it and he said there is an explanation and when he gives me the explanation when he gets home from work i will see that i have nothing to worry about and that i have wrongly accused him.  
Meanwhile I didnt accuse him of anything I just told him what I saw. Just to provide background info, this man goes out saturday and sunday and always comes back late despite me telling him i do not like it as weekend is the only time we get to spend with each other because of our schedules. I have seen msgs on his phone in the past that he sends to different girls telling them how nice they look etc and he has apologised for that several times but after sometime i stopped looking (havent checked in over a year and we have been married for 2 years). 
I have been suspecting that something is up with him and that his ways are not straight for sometime and I have been praying about it that God should bring to light what is hidden in the dark. Pls before you advise me to work on myself I have no issues in the looks department, I do not have a razor tongue, I am financially dependent, I am quite good in bed (I know this bc of the way he responds) and I can throw it down in the kitchen. 
 I am waiting calmly for his explanation but i dont know why he feels its ok for him to step out on me like this I'm not perfect by any means but I strive to be a good wife to him, at this point i'm very heart broken, it would be different if i went out to look for evidence.

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  1. Sometimes we are not strong enough to see what's in the dark, I guess that's why God keep things in the dark.
    Once as cheater, mostly like, always a cheater.
    you should start asking God for wisdom on how to handle such issues




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