Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Must Read: Why I Don't Share A Coke

We as Africans (Nigerians in Particular) tend to believe in the higher being and things we don’t see more than those in the western world. We believe in conspiracy theories, the afterlife, Jazz, Juju, Witches and Wizards and marine spirits. What prompted this right up was a comment I heard from someone recently.

I was downing a bottle of coke (actually am not a coke person but the ‘share a coke with’ concept was what stimulated me to be drinking coke) and the lady said ‘don’t drink coke anymore oh, don’t you know that it is demonic, can’t you see that you are sharing your coke with ‘mammy water’. They have probably even finished it before you started drinking it’. I was like shooo….so Chidinma, Ayo and Esther are all ‘mammy water spirits’.

Then she started telling me stories of how everything that happens on this planet has already been determined or established in the marine world right before it even begins here and that Coca-Cola has a deal with the occult and that that’s what brought about the ’share a coke with’ idea. And that everybody drinking coke has been initiated into the occult. So I did the math and I concluded that if her theories where to be true, then about 5billion people have already been initiated into the occult.

Who else agrees with this?

Credit: naijasinglegirl

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