Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kourtney Kardashian May Act As A Surrogate For Kim K

Apparently, Kim may never be able to carry another child in her womb as she's saying the doctors said she has a problem with her uterus. She may be forced to use a surrogate to carry her second baby and Kris Jenner has offered that Kim's big sister. Kourtney do the job

On Keeping Up With The Kardashian, The medics broke the news to Kim as she waited to undergo a procedure to remove parts of her placenta that were still stuck to her uterus from when she gave birth to daughter North West.

The fertility specialist Dr. Huang explained the operation to Kim and said:
 'You can still get pregnant, but it does expose you to risks during the pregnancy.
'If I can't guarantee that and surrogacy is the only way to give you a comfortable pregnancy and a nice healthy baby, we'll talk about that.

On the reality show  Kim can be seen telling her family about how much she is desperate to get pregnant with baby number two.

'I complained so much about how much I hated being pregnant and I never thought I would be begging to be pregnant,' she told sister Kendall Jenner and pal Jonathan Cheban.
'Trying for baby number two is not fun like baby number one. I'm like ‘'I'm ovulating in five minutes, get over here''.
'It's crazy because I had such an easy delivery, but right after you deliver the baby lives in this sac – the placenta – then you kind of give birth to that and it just kind of comes out. Mine went right back in me because it was stuck to a part of my uterus that it grew into.
'The doctor put his arm in me to here. He had to scrape it off with his fingernails to get it off of my inner lining.'

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  1. That must have been painful for the doctor to have scraped it off with his fingernails. Thank God north west is a living proof of God's Grace to kimye




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