Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How I Ended Up Single Again

It was love. It was true love. Not perfect love but true, pure love. It was two sided, I believe. Things were going on well until all of a sudden he started fading. I was suddenly in a relationship with myself. Too fast? Let me slow down a bit. We had been dating for about 18months. Things were going on well up until that moment. At this moment I started wondering what it was I had done wrong. Perhaps he was cheating on me or he no longer had feelings for me. Whatever it was, it was taking a huge part of us along with it.

It got more interesting a day before Valentine’s Day 2014. ‘I didn’t get anything for you o’ ‘you deserve a better boyfriend’ and some rather depressing statements were what my darling boyfriend said to me. It was interesting to me because I thought my ever sweet boyfriend was planning a super surprise for me. I started rehearsing my surprise face and comments like ‘awww,baby you shouldn’t have’ or ‘woooow!!These shoes are beautiful’ or maybe ‘OMG!!! All these for me?’ I had my expression all planned out just  like that BBM shocked smiley face.

On that faithful day, I carried my two left legs and waka’ed to his room (we were both students then but he was a year ahead of me). Ahh, how can I not get a gift for my boo of life? I started a month earlier to buy his gifts after saving up over a long while. I went with a wrist watch, a set of singlet and a body spray (I certainly would have done more if I had the means). I spent the whole morning with him, up until his friends came over to his room to arrange the packages they had gotten for their girlfriends. The next thing I heard from my boyfriend was ‘oya babe go, I want to spend Valentine’s Day with my friends’. Initially, I was surprised and furious. But then it occurred to me that he was maybe finding a way to get me out of his room so that he could arrange the gift he had gotten for me. I left the room and went for the classes I had that day (with his gift o. I had to carry it till he was ready to surprise me). I got back to his place later that evening, only to meet his absence. Apparently he had gone to watch match or play game with his friends. At this point, I just gave up. I dropped the gift with his neighbour to deliver to him. (I should have just given it to a random person on the street). Well, he called and told me how grateful he was,bla bla bla. Thats all o. As in, that was the end of my highly anticipated valentine’s day. But as a better girlfriend, I stood by the nigga *chaiii, lovu wantinti*

The end started when i was not invited to his convocation after party *but his friends invited their girlfriends and their girlfriends friends*. That was quite suspicious, right??I thought so as well. Trust me to show up at the party to see the bitsh he chose over me.  Well, there was no girl *I was happy within*. When I walked up to him, he had this disappointed look on his face and said ‘what are you doing here? I thought I told you not to come?’ He spent the whole night avoiding me like I had Ebola. Later on, things got rough among some drunken guys and this attracted the attention of the security men that chased us out of the bar. Luckily, I had a plan B. I called a taxi to come and pick us up. When the taxi arrived, I could not find my dude. This really got me bothered and worried but his friends said I should go, they would make sure he was not harmed.  On my way back to campus, I saw the yeye nigga strolling back to his room. My boyfriend for a year and eleven months left me alone in the wilderness and didn’t feel bad about it. As a concerned citizen, I called him later that evening to confirm his safety.

After four days of no contact from him, he called and asked if we could meet and talk and I obliged. At this point, I had made up my mind, if he was not going to break up with me, i was going to do so. Unless he apologizes for all he had done. We met in a restaurant on that faithful day. After  much stalling, he dropped the bomb. Noooooo, he didn’t break up with me. Did I ever mention I had an AS genotype and I’m totally against people with that genotype dating??  Well, he told me he took a test 5months earlier and turned out to be AS as well. He also admitted that this was responsible for the way he has been acting.  That was it. that was the end of us. I broke up with him there and then.  It was not easy for either of us, but we had to do what we had to do.

This opened a whole new chapter in my life…

Michelle C.

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