Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"I Didn’t Say Stealing Is Good, I Only Said Stealing Isn’t Corruption"-Jonathan #PresidentialMediaChat

Few minutes ago, Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan concluded his media chat with some select number of pressmen.

The chat was organised to foster an avenue to give answers to pertinent questions on national issues.

Jonathan who faced a panel comprising of top media personalities, Adesuwa Onyenekwe, Deji Badmus, Ibanga Isine and Ibrahim Sheme, assured that the upcoming election will be free and fair.

“If the elections are conducted and I lose, I will go home… the poll will free and fair,” he said.

Read the top 30 tweets/quotes from Jonathan below:

1. I eat Chicken not Turkey – Jonathan
2. I didn’t say stealing is good, I only said stealing isn’t corruption. 
3. Those quoting me as saying that ‘stealing is not corruption’ have not said that the President said stealing is good. Thieves should be treated as thieves. Do not use the word ‘corruption’ to cover so many things.
4. Now that we are working with Chad, I believe that in the next few weeks the story of the Chibok girls will get better. 
5. I am not God, but I am more hopeful now than before in terms of combing the whole areas. 
6.  We are working with our neighbours and we will comb the whole of that area. Just give us some time. 
7. I did not go dancing after kidnap of Chibok Girls. 
8. Most presidents will tell you that it is more difficult for the 2nd election (re-election). 
9. If INEC conducts this election poorly, it is on my head. 
10. I have not told anybody that I want to remove Jega. I have never said so. 
11. A number of people tell me the messages from my team are confusing. 
12. One  thing about politics, leadership generally, you have a nos of people who support you but you don’t know what they say. 
13.  There is no hiding place for the Boko Haram again,  As we are talking, only Madagali is remaining (under Boko Haram). 
14. In Yobe, two local governments are affected and in the next couple of weeks we will take them over. 
15. In Borno State, we have 10 to 12 LGs under Boko Haram. The issue of security is beyond Boko Haram. 
16. Politicians are instigating some young people to act in ways not expected. 
17. Several countries of the world have one problem or the other 
18. The issue of PVC interests me most. Before 2011 Nigerians were not talking about Voter’s Card. 
19. I was already in my village when INEC announced the postponement. I don’t decide date for election, INEC must work with security agencies. 
20. Election is like any tournament, FIFA says March, later say April or May. The winning team will still win. No big deal. 
21. I was not consulted about the postponement and I don’t want to be consulted. 
22. It is quite unfortunate that there is a lot of wrong information in the system, especially in the social media & normal media. 
23. People say I mean well for this country, its true because people close to me know I have passion for Nigeria. 
24 .Anybody who wants to hold the office of the president and thinks he’s more important than the nations, it’s not right. 
25. We must not put money where people can take it, like we did with in agriculture with fertiliser. 
26. Boko Haram is faceless. When the Niger Delta militants were pressing their needs they met with the president. 
27. APC started their campaign before me. They visited like 4 states before PDP started. 
28. I don’t have the time for social media. 
29. I appointed INEC chairman and the RECs and I know that they will do the job. 
30. I want a situation where every Nigerian must vote.

Credit: Kemisola Filani for Y Naija 

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