Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Issue: I Love My Colleague's Wife

I Love My Colleague's WifeI am 38 years old and my wife is 32. We have been married for six years and we have a five-year-old child. I love my wife, but I am starting to think I love her more as a friend.
She is a good homemaker and a wonderful mother, but she isn’t that educated or sophisticated.
Over the years I have furthered my studies and because of my job I socialise a lot. Most of the time my wife does not join me because I feel she might be uncomfortable and not know how to socialise. I feel as if I have moved forward and she has been left behind.
I met a woman at a company functions. She is a colleague’s wife. I know this sounds stupid, but I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. She is beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated. She seemed to be very interested in me too and we spent most of the evening talking.
She gave me her cell number and said I should contact her. I thought this was an indication that she wanted to meet me again. I phoned her, but she either doesn’t take my call or says she is in a meeting and can’t speak.
I am getting so frustrated. I want is to see her. I honestly believe we could have a future together.
What should I do? – Anon, Johannesburg


  1. 4u 2av married her, u know d kind of person she is, she's ur wife nt gf. If u want her 2go out wif u jus brush her up 2ur taste. Am very sure wif all u've said abt her she'll be more dan willing 2 learn. Dnt for any reason live your wife for any lady, and to make it worse a married one. If nid be let her be in a part-time sch. If yhu like anytin in any woman, jus make your wife like that too. Dnt luk for it outside.

  2. guy wat are u sayin?...bcus ur wife isnt dat educated doesnt mean u start slipin around...she is d woman God hs destined for u...wat u do is find a way to send ha bak to skool so she can learn d basis...if u leave dat woman u wil foreva regret it..may God help u




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